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Border Bill: Republican Surrender To Obama

If Republicans sign a border bill without first enforcing current law, they have failed America. Here are a few first steps. Start with the enforcement current laws on border enforcement Impeach Eric Holder if he does not comply. You’ve held him

I Quit

I Quit

This morning I woke after my all too common standard of 6 hours of sleep which I often supplement with an afternoon nap or something I tell myself is a period of rest before the next part of my day.

To Eric Holder: Words are not racist, actions are

Fact: “Take our country back” said by Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean. Was it racist then? In reality it is Eric Holder who is the coward as he hides behind the racial fires he deliberately stokes.  To quote a famous

3 Pinocchios for Obama

3 Pinocchios in the Washington Post article Obama’s claim that the GOP has ‘blocked every serious idea’ does not indicate a slip of the lip, it’s an outright lie by President Obama. No different than if you like your doctor

The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom

The Nobility of Fighting for Freedom

Posted with permission of John E. Michel, Brig. Gen., USAF – Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; Commander, 438th Air Expeditionary Wing “Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.” Albert Einstein It has been called the

Immigration is not Black and Hispanic

When the Obama led left attacks on immigration and the unaccompanied alien children (UAC’s) they’re forcing on America as Kerry Picket exposed in Lawrenceville, VA, remember to use those darn things called facts. Lawrenceville, VA as profiled on City Data

Protecting America from MERS and other Biological Threats

Posted with permission of the authors William J Parker III, PhD and Maryellen Meymarian, JD The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued statements of concern and posted warnings at 22 different airports urging travelers to be mindful about washing hands and


Where is our Commander-In-Chief of the United States Armed Forces aka @BarackObama when a US #MarineHeldInMexico is imprisoned for an honest mistake under deplorable conditions? Greta Van Susteren has apparently done more to fight for his release than POTUS. Not

Mark Cuban is honest. So what!

Mark Cuban’s frank honesty in his GrowCo interview about recognizing images whether it be a black person or white person is refreshing to hear. He includes gender age which are all identifying characteristics that rightfully or wrongfully reflect what could

Successfully Fighting the Enemy Inside

Successfully Fighting the Enemy Inside

Posted with permission from Brigadier General John E. Michel, USAF – Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; Commander, 438 Air Expeditionary Wing. This article was co-written with my good friend, actor and activist Ken Wahl. “You can’t patch a wounded soul

Obama and his leadership style or lack of it

Obama and his leadership style or lack of it

Obama was sold as the smartest man in the room to the American people who would be accountable, transparent, but most of all 21st century competent to lead.  In fact as I have said that since inauguration day 2009 on

A Mother's Day Perspective

A Mother's Day Perspective

Posted with permission of Brigadier General John E. Michel, Commanding General NATO Air Command Afghanistan. On the eve of another Mother’s Day, as I’ve unfortunately done a few times in my history, I needed a not-too-subtle prompt, this time from

Michael Sam: The NFL's 'Get A Room' Moment

When did the NFL  an organization successful because of overgrown albeit very talented testosterone filled boys / men become such a weenie organization?  Answer: When political correctness becomes the norm. Let me get this straight if nobody supposed to care whether

Note to Michelle and Hillary — #SaveOurGirls

Note to Michelle and Hillary — #SaveOurGirls

It’s fact that we must be invited into Nigeria to help find the schoolgirls kidnapped by the radical Muslim group Boko Haram. That said, is a hashtag (#SaveOurGirls) really the best message powerful women in the most powerful nation on

Ignorance of Radical Islam's History Is Death

Ignorance of Radical Islam's History Is Death

In response to Hamas’ Children’s TV Show Tells Kids To Kill Jews (Video): Several years ago I participated in an effort to awaken the ignorant West with the release of Obsession – Radical Islam’s War Against The West.  I will

Rutgers University Intolerance Symptom of Societal Dismay

Rutgers University Intolerance Symptom of Societal Dismay

And here we think that colleges like Rutgers University are incubators of debate and diverse thoughts. In large part they still are but the intolerant such as Professor Robert Boikess and the students have decided that their thoughts, beyond their

Is The CFPB A Real-Life Version of Scandal's B613?

Is The CFPB A Real-Life Version of Scandal's B613?

The popular television series Scandal has developed a cult-like following in recent years, but how accurate are the show’s story lines? Are there firms that are able to “fix” politicians’ messes? Can elections be rigged by tampering with voting machines?

LGBT Intolerance is a Result of the Agenda First

In response to Dana Perino on Intolerant LGBT Leaders: The agenda always leads with leftists and exemplifies hypocrisy. They don’t care for the most part and those that do try to be rational are shouted down. Good for Dana Perino

Cultural Demise and Responsibility

In response to Driver Sues Teen She Struck and Killed with Vehicle: Of course Sharlene Simon should be traumatized. She killed a teenager while driving over the speed limit and by the accident description not paying attention to the road. 

Milk, It does a body good

In response to Connecticut Considers Day Care Ban on Whole, 2% Milk: Wish we could ban stupid lawmakers. Seems they’re always looking for something or some group to blame instead of a solution. In the case of banning whole milk

Is Gay The New Black?

Hypocrisy is made clear once again. The alleged remarks by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling of him telling his girlfriend not to post photographs of herself with black people and not to bring blacks to Clippers games were made privately.

Holder Obama and Sentencing Guidelines

I’m all for a review of sentencing guidelines but not blanket amnesty. Amnesty is a lazy way to pretend you have resolved the problem.  There shouldn’t be a surprise here from President Obama who once stated that the Warren courts

Racism is the new Black

U.S. Attorney General Holder was clearly inferring racism especially given the room at the National Action Network which included one of America’s top race baiters, Al Sharpton. Democrats are pushing a racism narrative in a cynical, divisive election year political

Be Grace-Full

Posted with permission from Brigadier General John E. Michel, USAF – Commanding General, NATO Air Training Command-Afghanistan; Commander, 438 Air Expeditionary Wing I do not at all understand the mystery of grace – only that it meets us where we

Obamacare numbers are phony

The 7.1 million sign-ups is a phony number and the point to note is that an administration that could not deliver accurate numbers as Kathleen Sebelius, HHS Secretary stated many times can now deliver an accurate top line number but cannot



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