U.S. House Candidate Catalina Lauf: ‘Our Voices Are Going to Be Lost’ if True Republicans Not Elected

A promotional photo from Catalina Lauf for Congress. (Catalina for Congress/Facebook)
Catalina for Congress/Facebook

Republican Catalina Lauf joined Breitbart News Saturday where she discussed her primary challenge against Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), one of ten House Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump.

“This area, the 16th District, is very much a Republican area. When you get outside of Cook County, it is very much Trump territory and it’s very sad that you have a member of Congress, like Adam, who [would] rather go around prancing on MSNBC and CNN and voting with the Democrats than actually serving his constituents,” Lauf told host Matthew Boyle.

“Prior to his impeachment vote, he was still voting with Democrats,” Lauf noted, claiming his behavior resembles a “career politician.”

“I look forward to our FEC [Federal Election Commission] reports and all of that financial stuff coming out because you’ll see he is backed by these big money groups,” Lauf said. “Our movement is all we the people based. We are funded by five and ten dollar contributions because we are out there constantly having a voice, speaking with people.”

Lauf also said the “biggest issue is that a lot of people want to feel heard and have a voice and they should.”

“We need servant leadership and that’s not happening at all in this country, not to mention the interests of the constituents actually being served,” she added.

“The America First agenda works,” Lauf continued, reflecting on her time as a Trump-appointed advisor to the U.S. Department of Commerce where “pro-growth policies actually work.”

Lauf also stressed the importance of having elected representatives who understand the needs of their constituents: “When you have a representative like Adam Kinzinger sitting there bashing the policies, bashing the president who led those policies that impacted your own constituents in a positive way, that is a major red flag. We need leaders who understand the economy, who understand the small business owner in their district who understand the real issues happening when it comes to the manufacturing industry, people who are real Americans who understand these problems and go to Washington and solve them and be bold.”

Lauf went on to state that “people like Adam don’t speak up for our values,” saying “they’re too afraid to fight and push back against the far-left.”

“We have some major problems coming down the pike here with the Biden administration,” she added. “If we have weak Republicans serving us, then our voices are going to be lost.”

Lauf says Kinzinger’s constituents are “sitting there calling his office and he’s not answering, which is exactly why he needs to be primaried,” noting that the GOP establishment does not accept outsiders and has a “strict rule that you don’t go up against incumbents.”

Lauf also noted the events over the last few years that have shaped Illinois, including “BLM riots that destroyed our suburbs.” She also said Kinzinger is a “poster child” for Republicans who only serve the interests of Democrats out of fear. In addition, she noted residents in the 16th District questioned election integrity after the 2020 presidential election only to be made fun of by Kinzinger.

“There are some serious questions when it comes to election integrity. Where is Adam on immigration reform? He’s voting on gun control measures, sponsored he’s clearly not representing individual liberties or defending our conditional rights and on top of that he’s voted to increase spending. We should really show someone like Adam that our movement is real and that people want real leadership and servant leadership with an America First agenda and a fighter at the end of the day, because ultimately because that’s what constituents and we the people deserve.”

Speaking on immigration, Lauf said the situation is “heartbreaking,” concluding that President Biden campaigned on this issue and made hopeless promises to those seeking to come to America illegally. “We need a crackdown on the border. We need to implement a merit based process,” saying the situation is a “humanitarian crisis.”

Last month, Lauf announced she would challenge Kinzinger, highlighting the accomplishments of President Trump and asserting Kinzinger has failed his constituents.

The curtain has been lifted, and Illinoisans know the truth: Adam Kinzinger is a closet liberal who would be better suited for a job at MSNBC or the Lincoln Project,” Lauf said at the time. “Without question, he cannot be trusted to stand up for his constituents, for President Trump, or for our shared conservative values.”

To listen to Lauf’s full interview with Breitbart News, click here.

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