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Who Roots For Figure Skaters To Fall?

So, Twitchy has a post up today about folks who actually root for the Olympic figure skaters to fall. They think it's funny and LOL about it on Twitter.


I'm wondering - how common is this? Because I don't get it.  I'm the exact opposite. I wince, look away, even get a little choked up whenever I see one of these skaters fall on the ice. 

I get emotional because I recognize and appreciate the sacrifices, dedication and hard work that went into being there, and in one terrible moment, with the whole world watching, their high hopes for winning the gold just came crashing down on them. It's so tragic.

I get emotional when they win, too. Because I'm watching someone at their physical peak, performing such amazing feats of athletic and artistic prowess and precision, I can barely stand it. 

It doesn't matter where the skater (or any of the athletes) are from - when he/she performs beautifully, artistically - lands all the jumps smoothly, it's like the stars are aligned - it's his/her moment to triumph in front of the entire world. For me, it's a breathtaking thing and a privilege to watch. 

The Men's Figure skating competition took place in Sochi, today. One of the Americans is in the running for the Bronze after his flawless performance in the short program. The other one tragically had a spectacular fall.

I'm gonna need a box of Kleenex, tonight.


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