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Kerry Went to the Middle East to Bring Peace, and All He Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt

Jul 25, 2014 11:36 AM PT

It is difficult to understate the enormity of the humiliation suffered by Secretary of State John Kerry in the Middle East this week--and the man who sent him there, President Barack Obama. The Egyptians made him undergo a security screening, the Israelis made it clear they did not want him there, and finally, the Israeli Cabinet--which can never seem to agree on much of anything--rejected his "ceasefire" proposal unanimously.

Kerry's proposal was a non-starter--even for parties that believe in exchanging territory for peace--because it would have left most of the Hamas terror infrastructure intact, leading inevitably to more attacks against Israel. A source told the Jerusalem Post that the Cabinet viewed Kerry's offer  as "a Qatari proposal with ornaments"--referring to the fact that Qatar, which has been funding Hamas, has a "plan" that would give Hamas a victory.

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Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Once Again Ties Subsidies to State-Based Exchanges

Jul 25, 2014 9:52 AM PT

Did Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber make the same mistake twice? A new audio clip finds him once again explaining that Obamacare subsidies are tied to state health exchanges.

A clip of Jonathan Gruber circulated last night in which he states that Obamacare subsidies are tied to the existence of state exchanges. This statement is extremely problematic for the law's supporters because it appears to confirm the view of plaintiffs in the Halbig case, i.e. that only state-exchanges were intended to deliver subsidies.

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What the Loose Bear said at those fundraisers is horrifying, too

Jul 25, 2014 8:38 AM PT

In response to Loose Bear Also Blocked the Media From Fundraisers - Left Them on 'the Gravel Path':

We've waited six years for Media to find her self-respect and pull out of this "Fifty Shades of Grey" relationship with President Boyfriend.  I suspect she'll swallow her pride and get over being abandoned on the side of a gravel road while he runs off to a million-dollar party, where it costs fifty grand a plate to get in on the conversation.  After all, Media didn't object when he made her wear a blindfold and straitjacket to visit his border "refugee" camps.  When he told her to call him a "bear" and squeal with glee when he ducks out on his duties, she eagerly complied.  He told her only his photographers would be allowed to cover his photo ops, and left her hanging in a cage.  She laughed right along with him when he subsequently declared he doesn't even do photo ops.  Even when she found out he was spying on her, she only protested for a few days.

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Hillary Team Calls for Media Blackout of Anti-Clinton Books

Jul 25, 2014 7:31 AM PT

Soon there will be three anti-Clinton books on the market, which is apparently enough to have gotten under the skin of Team Hillary.

The First Family Detail by Ronald Kessler, set for release next month, will join Clinton, Inc. by the Weekly Standard’s Daniel Halper and Blood Feud by Ed Klein on bookshelves. Yesterday we reported that Clinton, Inc. has shot up the charts and now both Halper and Klein’s books are outselling Hillary Clinton’s recent memoir Hard Choices.

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Obamacare Architect: States Without Exchanges Get No Subsidies

Jul 24, 2014 10:49 PM PT

Jonathan Gruber, a "key architect" of  Obamacare was caught on tape in 2012 saying states which do not set up an Obamacare exchange are not eligible for subsidies. His admission mirrors the arguments of plaintiffs in the Halbig case and has the potential to push Obamacare to the brink of collapse.

This week there were two circuit court decisions about Obamacare subsidies. A three judge panel of the D.C. Circuit ruled that the precise language indicated people who bought insurance on the federal exchange were not eligible for subsidies. Hours later the 4th Circuit ruled the opposite, saying that the precise language was unclear but that the law's drafters nevertheless intended to offer subsidies to everyone. Many observers believe the two cases are eventually headed to the Supreme Court.

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U.S. Army War College to Convene Board Over Walsh Plagiarism Charge

Jul 24, 2014 6:13 PM PT

The U.S. Army War College will convene an Academic Review Board to investigate charges of plagiarism against Democrat U.S. Senator John Walsh.

Here is the complete statement. Walsh could have his graduation status revoked if it's determined he intentionally plagiarized his master's thesis.

When we were alerted last night to the questions about Sen. Walsh's Army War College research paper, we accomplished our own analysis to determine whether there was reason to convene an academic review board (ARB), which is the process proscribed by our policy to investigate fully charges of failures of academic integrity, standards or progress; or misconduct.

We decided today to convene an ARB, and have communicated that to Sen. Walsh who will have the opportunity to submit material for the board's consideration.

The ARB process is a formal and deliberative process that includes a legal review of sufficiency of findings of the board's report. The process then includes review by the dean who can recommend a decision to disenroll -- or, in the case of graduates, to revoke the graduation status. The decision is made by the deputy commandant.

We use the USAWC Communicative Arts Directive as our authoritative guide given to all students to clarify the academic integrity policy, among others, and to give specific guidance with respect to research, writing, and documentation of research for the Strategy Research Paper.  We hold our students responsible for academic integrity. Then and now, we trust them to uphold high standards of academic integrity unless there is reason to believe otherwise.

Carol Kerr

US Army War College

 Public Affairs Officer


Walsh Refuses to Withdraw from Senate Race Over Plagiarism

Jul 24, 2014 2:27 PM PT

Spokeswoman for Montana Senator John Wlash, Lauren Passalacqua, replied "Absolutely not" when asked if Walsh would withdraw given the significant instance of plagiarism exposed by a New York Times rerport.

Also, Montana Gov. Steve Bullock, who appointed Walsh to the U.S. Senate from the state's lieutenant governorship said he had no knowledge of the plagiarism whenhe made the appointment.


Rubio Thinks Illegal Immigrant Children Need To Be Deported

Jul 24, 2014 12:09 PM PT

Florida Senator Marco Rubio is taking another hard-line position on immigration reform, this time in regards to the thousands of illegal immigrant children and adults that have been flooding the U.S. Southern border.

 Rubio appeared on Fox News' "The Kelly File" with Megan Kelly, saying that in order for the mass illegal immigration flood along the border to stop, those people enter the U.S. illegally, needed to be "returned to their home countries."

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Loose Bear Also Blocked the Media From Fundraisers - Left Them on 'the Gravel Path'

Jul 24, 2014 11:28 AM PT

In response to Loose bear blocks pregnant woman from reaching hospital:

The love/hate relationship between President Boyfriend and the adoring lapdogs who helped get him elected twice is a sight to behold. Most of them have protected Obama with friendly media coverage for over six years now, yet he ditches and disses them every chance he gets.

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