Watch: Joe Biden Rallies Dozens in Georgia

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden leaves after speaking at Mountain Top Inn & Resort, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020, in Warm Springs, Ga. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to a few dozen attendees, including press, for his scheduled remarks in Warm Springs, Georgia, Tuesday afternoon with the presidential election just one week away.

Reporters took to social media to share photos from the event, which divided the small number of supporters up using large white circles.

One video showed Biden walking down a flight of stairs toward the stage, where he delivered a somber campaign stump speech. During his remarks, Biden asked, hypothetically, if the heart of the United States “turned to stone,” to which he responded: “I don’t think so. I refuse to believe it.”

It is unclear exactly how many people attended Biden’s event.

The Georgia Republican Party highlighted Warm Springs’ enthusiasm for President Donald Trump, sharing a video of the president’s supporters rallying on the side of a road as Biden’s motorcade drove by. The Trump supporters could be seen chanting “Trump!” and waving red, white, and blue “Trump 2020” flags.

Shortly after Biden’s speech, President Donald Trump kicked off a campaign rally in Lansing, Michigan, where he was meet by a large crowd of supporters.

Editor’s Note: At the time of publication, this article’s lead sentence said Biden “drew” dozens, but several reports indicate the event was closed to the public. The language has been updated for greater accuracy.


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