Sean Penn: Republican Leaders ‘Are the Party of Putin’

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (R) greets US actor Sean Penn after a meeting in Miraflores presidential palace in Caracas on March 5, 2011. Penn, who was visiting Caracas, thanked Chavez for the funding that his government gave to an NGO based in Haiti that assists the victims of the earthquake …
UAN BARRETO/AFP via Getty Images

Actor Sean Penn, who has been pictured hobnobbing with Cuba’s communist dictator Raul Castro, dictator and former president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, and Russian president Vladimir Putin, went on the attack against Republicans again, calling its leaders “the party of Putin.”

“Republican leaders have given themselves a lot of slack as they’ve fallen into the ‘party of Trump,'” Penn tweeted to his 750,000 followers, offering no evidence for his claims. “The reality is that they are the party of Putin. Trump is just the brand. He’s the salesman, the vessel, who sold them prurience as patriotism.

The irony of Penn’s proclamation is that he was seen hanging with Putin, along with actor Jack Nicholson, in a photo snapped in 2001.

But Sean Penn has long shown public support for brutal dictators.

Throughout the late 2000s, Penn was a repeat visitor to the luxurious home of Venezuela’s socialist dictator, Hugo Chavez. Indeed, Penn praised the man who destroyed one of Latin America’s richest nations so much that he wrote a gushing tribute to Chavez when the dictator passed away in 2013. Penn lauded Chavez for years, in one instance even calling him an “inspiration.”

Penn has also been chummy with Cuba’s communist dictator, Raul Castro.

There was also the incident when Penn caused consternation among law enforcement officials of both Mexico and the U.S.A. by arranging to meet with violent drug kingpin El Chapo Guzman for a glowing interview.

Finally, the Democrats and their many investigations have found no evidence whatsoever that Trump worked with Russia and Vladimir Putin during the 2016 election. Even after spending $32 million in taxpayer dollars, special counsel Robert Mueller found no evidence of collusion.

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