‘Family Guy’ Imagines Donald Trump, Melania, and Pence Hanging Themselves in Prison

Family Guy/Fox screenshot

The FOX hit comedy Family Guy imagined President Donald Trump, his wife Melania, and Vice President Mike Pence hanging themselves in prison in an episode that aired just after Tuesday’s presidential election.

The November 8th episode of Family Guy, titled “La Famiglia Guy,” began with Peter and Lois Griffin reading newspapers announcing Trump’s suicide.

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“God, can you believe Trump hung himself in prison?” Peter asks, before the words “We wrote this in February 2019. Were we right?” flash at the bottom of screen.

“I know! And that Chris Christie lost all that weight,” adds Lois. “He still looks terrible, though.”

“See? We don’t hate all Republicans,” then flashes up on the screen. “But we do hate Chris Christie.”

Later on in the episode, Brian is reading the newspaper where he reveals that Mike Pence hung himself after coming out as a homosexual.

“God, I can’t believe Mike Pence came out of the closet just before he hung himself in prison.” Brain reads with a caption again appearing on the screen again, saying: “Again, we wrote this in February 2019. Did we nail it?”

Finally, Peter’s friend Quagmire is also is also seen reading a newspaper where he announces the death of Melania Trump back in her home country of Slovenia.

“God, I can’t believe Melania was deported to Slovenia and then hung herself in a European prison,” he says. The words over the screen read: “Okay, now we’re done.”

Family Guy, whose creator Seth MacFarlane has donated millions to the Democratic Party over the past 15 years, has long lampooned Trump. Last year, the show depicted Trump sexualizing his daughter Ivanka and saying she has a “beautiful rack.”

Family Guy is not the only FOX comedy to depict president Trump’s allies hanging themselves. In an April 2017 episode, then-White House press secretary Sean Spicer was seen hanging in the briefing room.

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