Joe Biden’s Lead in Arizona Dips Below 17,000, 77k Outstanding


Former Vice President Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona is now under 17,000 votes and continues to shrink as the state tallies the outstanding ballots.

Biden’s lead in Arizona, which Fox News called for the former vice president on the night of the election, dipped to 16,952 as of Sunday afternoon, cutting the 29,861 vote lead Biden held on Friday by over 12,000.

There are roughly 77,000 ballots — 29,000 regular ballots and 48,000 provisional — remaining, which could very well determine if outlets such as Fox News were wrong in calling the Grand Canyon State so early:

The Trump campaign has maintained that claims of an Arizona victory for Biden were premature.

According to reports, the president will hold campaign rallies to draw attention to his legal battles, including in Arizona.

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has already extended a “formal” invitation.

“Mr. President: This is a formal invitation to hold a rally in Phoenix. Your people are here for you and will not accept fraud and theft of this election. @realDonaldTrump @AZGOP @VP @ali @GOPChairwoman,” he said:


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