In Memoriam: First Lady Barbara Bush (1925-2018)

Former First Lady Barbara Bush passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92, two days after her family spokesman, Jim McGrath, announced that she would seek “comfort care” rather than additional medical treatment for her ailing health.

George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush (AFP / Getty)

In Memoriam: Avi Davis (1958-2015)

Avi Davis, president and founder of the American Freedom Alliance, passed away peacefully early Monday morning at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles, where he was surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Avi Davis (Facebook)

Flashback: David Carr’s Obituary of Andrew Breitbart, ‘The Provocateur’

Primarily a media and culture writer, Carr was one of the most established brands at the most established publication, yet he approached his topics earnestly and with markedly less cynicism than most of his mainstream media peers. A perfect illustration of that is the exceptional 2600-word obituary, “The Provocateur,” he penned after the death of Andrew Breitbart.

AP Photos / Michel Euler, Kathy Willens