Flashback – Joe Biden: Obama’s ‘Got a Problem’ If He Tries to Take My Gun

In light of the August 9 media feeding frenzy which twisted Donald Trump’s words to allege he was urging violence against Hillary Clinton, it is interesting to note words uttered by Joe Biden in 2008, that need no twisting: that Obama would have a “problem” if he tried to take away Biden’s gun.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden D- Del., rally supporters at Patrick Henry Community College in Martinsville, Va., Friday October 24, 2008. (AP Photo/Don Petersen)

Suspects Jump Out Window After 77-Year-Old Woman Pulls A Shotgun

The 77-year-old woman heard a noise and went to investigate, but she did not go empty handed. Rather, she a carried a shotgun which she shouldered and pointed at the two suspects when she discovered them in a bedroom. The suspects scampered to reach the same window they used for an entrance then jumped out of the house.


Texas Father Shot in Face by Son Over Christmas Fishing Rod

On Christmas Day, a 16-year-old son protested that he only received a fishing rod for Christmas while his friends “received cars and trucks.” A fight ensued between the the boy and his father, and in the end the father was shot in the face by a younger son who was trying to stop the fight.