Nolte: Fake Media Pressure Biden to Hold Formal Press Conference

Democratic Presidential candidate and former US Vice President Joe Biden speaks to the press before boarding his campaign plane at McCarran International Airport October 9, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Brendan Smialowski / AFP) (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

His Fraudulency Joe Biden has not yet held a formal press conference, and the fake media are not happy about it.

Aw, poor babies.

“Halfway into his first 100 days, President Joe Biden has yet to hold a formal, solo news conference, raising questions about accountability with the White House under increasing pressure to explain why,” writes far-left ABC News.

Well, gee, I can tell you why…

Biden knows that no matter what he does or does not do, the corrupt corporate media will protect him. So why should a doddering and feeble old man take the risk of a press conference, one where he will have to stand for an hour without his handler — the Reverend Doctor Jill Biden, Esq., and answer softball questions all by himself? What if he starts shaking and pees his pants? What if he forgets who he is? What if he pulls oatmeal out of his pocket and starts eating it?

Just like his failed predecessor, Barry Obama, Biden hates the press, has only contempt for the press, but knows that no matter how much he abuses the press, they will fall over themselves to protect him.

Biden could burn down CNNLOL headquarters, and Jeff Zucker would order his minions to report about how, in the long run, it reduced America’s carbon footprint.

The ABC article is also a little silly because, as the article itself reports — but not until paragraph six — “The White House last week pledged Biden would hold a news conference before this month was out[.]”

So what’s the problem? Maybe wait until April 1 to start your crybabying?

Well, part of the problem, according to ABC, is that Biden has already broken the record for the longest time a new president has gone without a formal press conference.

Well, so what? That’s the kind of stuff only the self-involved, all-about-me media care about. Democrats don’t care because they don’t want Biden’s obvious cognitive decline on display. Republicans don’t care because we know the questions will all be softballs.

Besides, as much as I despise His Fraudulency, the more miserable he makes the fake media, the more he treats the media with the contempt they deserve, the less I despise him. I’m just hoping Biden does what Obama does and starts to literally spy on the media because few things are more fun than watching a Democrat president give the fawning corporate media a healthy dose of battered wife syndrome.

I treat you like crap. I spy on you. I cheat on you. I lie to you.

We love you, Joe. We love you so much. Throw us a crumb Joe, just a little crumb.


I know you *sniff* didn’t mean that, Joe.

Finally, this ABC News article only proves how useless a formal press conference would be, at least to those of us who live in the real world, with this notable bit:

Even as the nation deals with multiple crises — a deadly pandemic and the devastating economic fallout — Biden has gone longer without facing extended questions from reporters than any of his 15 predecessors over the past 100 years.

Notice how in ABC’s “multiple crises” list there is no mention of Biden flooding the country with illegal immigrants, many of them infected with the China Virus? How about exploding gas prices, which brutalize the working class?

The fake media are not looking for a formal press conference; they are looking for the opportunity to formally kiss his ass. Such things should stay in the bedroom, where they belong.

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