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The State Controlled Religion Is Pro-Abortion

In response to The new normal of State-controlled religion:

Thank you for straightening me out, John. But let me answer your last question:

"Since we've got pro-life organizations told by the IRS they must also promote abortion in order to earn their tax exemption, surely there must be pro-abortion nonprofits instructed to distribute pro-life literature, right?  I'm sure we'll be hearing about them any day now."

Not if those two rogue IRS agents in Cincinnati are pro-choice. I think the chance that the two rogues are pro-life or even respectful of pro-life views is a longshot. Unfortunately it comes down to what those two miscreants believe.

Seriously though, you certainly were right about the former IRS commissioner, who I was prepared to believe was being set up to be the fall guy.

Based on his testimony, today, I'm thinking very different, less charitable thoughts about Steven Miller.


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