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Louis Farrakhan Dines with Eminem in Detroit

As Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan met with social and political leaders in Detroit to organize this year’s 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, he took time out to have dinner with the city’s most famous cultural export – rapper Eminem.

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White House Blocks Visitor Records For Obama’s Prince Concert

Each month, the Obama administration prides itself for making public the White House visitor logs. Aboard Air Force One yesterday, reporters questioned White House press secretary Josh Earnest why the guest list for the Prince concert was kept secret. “At this point, that’s not something that I anticipate that we’ll do,” Earnest replied, defending the Obama administration’s widely mocked self-description as “most transparent administration in history.”

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Stephen Colbert Mocks Jeb Bush with Counter Ticket Raffle

When Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush set up a $3 ticket raffle for his upcoming guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s first Late Show, without permission, he likely never imagined the idea would devolve into such a colossal embarrassment for his campaign.


Gutcheck: When No Lives Matter

On Monday, a lowly cable network known for bleeding viewers had a talking head on that remarked on the “enormity” of grief that followed the murder of a white Texas deputy by a black dude in a gas station.

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