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‘Real Artistry': Beck’s Father Worked on Beyoncé Album

Album of the Year Grammy-winning artist Beck's father worked on a Beyoncé album in 2006, the Hollywood Reporter confirmed Thursday. Maybe, now that it is known that his dad worked on an album for his Beyoncé, Kanye West will finally concede that Beck is a "real artist."
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Alec Baldwin to Play NYC Mayor in Upcoming HBO Series

Two years since the conclusion of NBC's 30 Rock and one year removed from resolving to walk away from both public life and New York City, Alec Baldwin is headed back to TV, ironically as the fictional mayor of the city that scorned him.
AP Photo/Stephen J. Carrera

Covered in Oatmeal? Latest Bill Cosby Accuser Weighs In

While more than 30 women have now accused comedian Bill Cosby of some form of sexual impropriety, his latest alleged victim claims that in addition to the use of drugs and alcohol as aphrodisiacs, Dr. Huxtable got weird with breakfast food.

Jon Stewart Uses Netanyahu Speech to Mock Jewish Women as Frigid

After Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress Tuesday, Republican South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham was right to apologize for a comment he made about House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s “surgeries.” What’s surprising, though, is that this was not the

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