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Watch: Wounded Veteran Gifted with Service Dog at Dallas Hockey Game

Those attending the Dallas Stars hockey game on Monday night got a huge surprise when a former Navy SEAL repelled himself and a service dog down from the top of the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The Stars were honoring war veterans and “Patty”, the German Shepherd, was a gift for a wounded veteran.

Veterans Brutally Attacked by Black Lives Matter, Says Army Staff Sergeant

A U.S. Army National Guard staff sergeant says he and one of his Army veteran friends were assaulted by Black Lives Matter supporters in San Antonio, Texas, Thursday Evening. “As I was getting my face stomped in and thrown through a window, they (all 4 of them) were yelling racial slurs saying how whites sucked and black lives were better,” Marc Stephen, the second victim, said on Facebook.

Over 1,000 Attend Funeral for Veteran with No Family

U.S. Marine Corp veteran Billy C. Aldridge, 80, passed away at his nursing facility in Indianapolis, but the nurses could not find any records of family members. So over 1,000 people crammed into the Lawrence United Methodist Church to honor the veteran for his service.


Medal of Honor: Army Captain Florent Groberg

Retired Army Captain Florent Groberg was awarded the Medal of Honor on Thursday, in recognition of valiant actions that left him maimed but saved many other lives. Specifically, he tackled a suicide bomber in Afghanistan.

Bunya pine (J Brew / Flickr / CC)

Tree Trimmed After 16-lb. Pine Cone Injures Veteran

Holy Cross Church in Santa Cruz is taking precautions after noticing a Navy veteran filed a $5 million suit against the U.S. government, the National Park Service, the Department of the Interior, and San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park after a heavy cone from a bunya pine tree fell, striking him on the head.

Rick Perry is Running

ADDISON, Texas — Former Governor Rick Perry’s (R-TX) 2012 presidential campaign was a roller coaster ride, shooting to the top of the polls when he first entered the race, then plummeting back down after a series of debate missteps.

Rick Perry Slams Obama and Congress on ‘Failing’ Foreign Policy

Former Texas Governor Rick Perry, currently preparing for a second presidential campaign, had a hard-hitting op-ed in the New Hampshire Union Leader on Friday, with a sharp critique of America’s current foreign policy aimed not just at President Barack Obama, but at Congressional leaders from both parties.