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GRÁFICO: Cártel Mexicano Usa Video de Decapitación Tipo ISIS en Lucha Territorial Cerca de Texas

El Narco-terrorismo sigue creciendo cerca de la frontera con Texas donde los carteles Mexicanos que controlan la frontera entre Mexico y Estados Unidos esta usando videos de decapitaciones como ISIS para intimidar a sus rivales y para aterrorizar a los civiles a que se sometan. El Cártel de Los Zetas esta luchando por control de redituables corredores del trafico de drogas y de humanos hacia Texas. Breitbart Texas pudo obtener videos exclusivos del narco-terror de Los Zetas el cual puede ser visto en LiveLeak.

GRAPHIC: Mexican Cartel Spreads ISIS-Like Beheading Video to Gain Border Turf near Texas

Narco-terrorism is thriving near Texas as one of the Mexican cartels controlling the U.S.-Mexico Border is resorting to ISIS-like beheading videos to intimidate rivals and to scare the civilian population into complete compliance. The cartel, Los Zetas, is fighting for control of lucrative border drug and illegal immigration corridors into Texas. Breitbart Texas obtained exclusive video of Los Zetas’ narco-terror which can be viewed in full on LiveLeak.

GRAPHIC: Key Los Zetas Commander Assassinated in Prison

A key leader within the Los Zetas cartel was murdered inside the state prison in this city by members of a rival faction of the same cartel. That Zeta commander had been arrested this week in a house tied to the former State Security System. The Tamaulipas Government confirmed to Breitbart Texas that 37-year-old Jose Luis “Comandante Cano” Cano Lumbreras was murdered inside the prison. Cano was returning to his cell from a court hearing when he was attacked by a group of inmates and asphyxiated.

2 Shot in Home Where Alleged Cartel Members Held 3 Migrants for Ransom

Authorities continue to look into how two men were shot in a house where Mexican cartel gunmen had been holding three Mexican immigrants for ransom. When authorities arrived to the scene, they discovered the body of a man and a second shooting victim. Authorities also discovered that three men were being held for ransom at the home.

Captured Hitman: Cartels Forging New Ties in Drug War

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — While the government in this border state denies any alliances between drug cartels, the recently arrested leader of a hit squad confirmed ties with some members of the Los Zetas and Gulf Cartels in order to fight off their shared rivals.

GRAPHIC: Cartel Civil War Kills 13 in 24 Hours Near Texas Border

CIUDAD VICTORIA, Tamaulipas — The war between two rival factions of the Los Zetas Cartel has set off an unstoppable wave of violence that continues to spread death and terror. This week, the violence spiked with seven executions and a gun battle that killed six others in a span of less than 24 hours.