Listen: Rush Limbaugh, ‘The Breakfast Club’ Battle over Claims of ‘White Privilege’

Monday on his nationally syndicated show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh aired a conversation he had pre-taped with “The Breakfast Club,” the syndicated morning drive radio show featuring DJ Envy, Angela Yee And Charlamagne tha God.

During the interview, Limbaugh and Charlamagne tha God got into an exchange over the topic of so-called “white privilege.”

Limbaugh said, “The George Floyd story is being lost. There are two things happening in America, and it sickens me what happened to him. Legitimate national outrage about a policeman’s criminal brutality has been hijacked. I don’t want what to forget about George Floyd. What happened to George Floyd sickened me. I wanted to reach out and tell you all this. I wanted to make sure you have no doubt —and I’m not the only American who feels that way, the senselessness of it.”

Charlamagne said, “How are you going to going to use your privilege as a white male to combat this prejudice? You got a direct line to Donald Trump.”

Limbaugh said, “Now wait a minute. I don’t buy into the notion of white privilege.”

Charlamagne said, “You’re being delusional.”

Limbaugh said, “That is a liberal political construct right along the lines of political correctness. It’s designed to intimidate and get people to shut up and admit they are guilty for doing things they haven’t done. I don’t have any white privilege.”

Charlamagne said, “you know what white privilege is? White privilege is what happened to George Floyd wouldn’t have happened to A white man.”

Limbaugh said, “If what happened to George Floyd had happened to a white man, we probably wouldn’t even heard about it.”

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