Iran, Russia, China, Turkey Celebrating ‘Collapse’ of the U.S.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meet in Teheran on September 7, 2018. - The presidents of Iran, Russia and Turkey meet in Tehran for a summit set to decide the future of Idlib province amid fears of a humanitarian disaster in Syria's last major rebel …

TEL AVIV – Iran, Russia, China, and Turkey are celebrating the “collapse” of the U.S., the Jerusalem Post reported, with the aim of furthering their own economic interests and engaging in an Middle East arms race.

Authoritarian regimes are gloating over the bedlam unfolding in the U.S., the newspaper said, citing several examples from their respective state-run media.

According to the analysis, these regimes have been biding their time to see the end of the U.S. as a global superpower.

The US became the world’s most powerful country, a global hegemonic superpower, after the Soviet Union and its client states fell apart in 1989. However, Russia, China, Iran and increasingly Turkey have all awaited the period when the world would become multi-polar again. They have sought to work more closely together, and they have sat frequently at global forums that the US does not attend.

To coordinate efforts against the US, these countries all have state media that is well funded, such as RT, TRT, Iran’s Tasnim and Fars News and numerous Chinese media outlets. The policies of these countries are to slowly undermine the US and wait for moments of US weakness to push their agendas.

“Thank God things that happen in America do not happen in [Russia],” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said according to Russia’s TASS media.

Russian senator Aleksey Pushkov wrote on Twitter the U.S. is crumbling, citing its withdrawals from Afghanistan and Syria as proof.

Pushkov also tweeted the crisis faced by the U.S. by the coronavirus pandemic and its inability to send aid to its European allies during the peak of the pandemic there further demonstrated its demise.

Pushkov noted “America has been on a ‘hysterical’ tirade against China and now faces an internal schism and racial rebellion,” the report said.

Iran’s state-run Tasnim news wire republished Pushkov’s words. The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, meanwhile, argued it was stronger than ever and resisting the “pharaonic, dictatorial, terrorist United States.”

Turkey’s state-run media is publishing articles claiming that U.S. corporations are “looting” black communities. “Turkey supports the protests, but suppresses dissent at home – just like China, Iran and Russia. TRT highlights police brutality in the US even though it never critiques police brutality in Turkey,” the article said.

Turkey and Iran have attempted to undermine the U.S. through religious means, the report said, with the goal of defeating Western systems and paving the way for political Islam.

These regimes aim to leverage the twin crises facing the U.S. to advance in an arms and geopolitical race.

Ankara, despite being a nominal U.S. ally, has signed deals to acquire Russia’s S-400 anti-missile defense system and has also flooded Libya with weapons and Syrian mercenaries, the report noted. Iran, for its part, has sent tankers to Venezuela. Russia has sent warplanes to Libya and Syria.

“Turkey is designing a new fighter jet that Russia’s media heralds as a possible replacement for the F-16. Russia is pushing its defense systems, and Turkey wants to work with Iran, Malaysia and Pakistan to improve economic relations and expand its role in the Mediterranean,” the report said.

“The big four – China, Russia, Turkey and Iran – are poised to exploit and emerge stronger. Where once George Bush Sr. spoke of a new world order, now these countries want to bury that U.S. world order amid the chaos,” it concluded.


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