CDC Director Robert Redfield Shuts Down Media Narrative Coronavirus Will Be Worse in Fall

White House

Centers for Disease Control Robert R. Redfield clarified a quote he made to the Washington Post about the future of the coronavirus coming back to the United States.

“I really do think it’s important to clarify this, as we build the confidence of the American people,” Redfeld said.

Redfeld clarified his quote, explaining that he said that the coronavirus would not be worse in the fall, but that it would be more difficult to distinguish between the virus and the flu. He said that hospitals would face the struggle of fighting two viruses.

Trump was infuriated at the Post and CNN for running with the “fake news” narrative that the virus was going to come back even bigger than before.

“That’s fake news, and CNN is fake news like crazy,” Trump said, noting that they were asked by the administration to change the headline, but they refused.

Redfeld said that the Post headline was misleading.

Dr. Anthony Fauci also warned the press from predicting the size and the scope of the virus in the fall.

Fauci indicated that Americans would be more prepared for the virus in the future, when it comes back.

“Nobody can predict what will happen with an outbreak, but you can predict how you are going to respond to it,” he said.


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