Poll: More Voters Trust Trump over Biden for Post-Coronavirus Economic Recovery


A greater share of registered voters trust President Trump over Joe Biden (D) when it comes to the country’s economic recovery following the coronavirus pandemic, a Morning Consult survey released this week revealed.

When it comes to the nation’s economy — which suffered tremendously at the hands of the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, seeing jobless claims topping 38.6 million over the last nine weeks — a greater share of registered voters trust Trump to handle the economic recovery moving forward.

Forty-three percent of the 1,994 registered voters surveyed May 15-18, 2020, indicated that they trust Trump to oversee the economic recovery following the pandemic, compared to 40 percent who chose Biden, giving the president an advantage outside of the survey’s +/- 2 percent margin of error.

Similarly, 44 percent trust Trump on the economy in a general sense, compared to 41 percent for Biden. Forty-four percent of registered voters also trust the president on the issue of jobs — a four percent advantage over Biden.

While the survey showed the Democrat Party’s presumptive nominee leading on health care, uniting the country, leading during a crisis, and containing the spread of the coronavirus, several polls have shown voters listing the economy and jobs as top issues as they head to the polls in November, signaling an advantage for President Trump.

“However, if the virus appears relatively under control by the fall and voters are more focused on rebuilding the economy, those conditions could be more favorable for Trump,” Morning Consult said of the results.


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