Ann Dorn Hopes Story Will ‘Shake This Country from This Nightmare’


Ann Dorn, widow of slain retired police captain David Dorn, who was killed by looters in St. Louis during the George Floyd riots, told the Republican National Convention that she hoped her sharing the horrific story of his murder would help “shake this country from this nightmare.”

Fighting back tears, Dorn recounted the story of her husband’s murder, which was livestreamed to the internet by his killers during a night of rioting and looting in St. Louis, Missouri on June 2nd.

“I relive that horror in my mind every single day.”

“My hope is that having you relive it with me now will help shake this country from this nightmare we are witnessing in our cities, and bring about positive, peaceful change.”

“How did we get to this point, where so many young people are callous and indifferent towards human life?”

“David is never, never coming back to me. He was murdered by people who didn’t know, and just didn’t care. He would have done anything to help them.”

“Violence and destruction are not legitimate forms of protest. They do not safeguard black lives. They only destroy them.”

“President Trump understands this, has offered federal help to restore order in our communities. In a time when police departments are short on resources and manpower, we need that help. We should accept that help!”

“We cannot heal amid devastation and chaos. President Trump knows we need more Davids in our communities, not fewer. We need to come together in peace and remember that every life is precious,” Dorn concluded.

Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News, where he has published material from whistleblowers inside  GoogleFacebookYouTube, and Twitter.

Bokhari’s upcoming book, #DELETED: Big Tech’s Battle to Erase the Trump Movement and Steal The Election is currently available for preoder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers. 


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