Kevin McCarthy: ‘Slimmest Democrat Majority Since WWII’ Means ‘Mandate’ Against Socialism

Kevin McCarthy / Facebook

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) told reporters on Thursday that Democrats will have the “slimmest Democrat majority since World War II” and that the stunning lack of a “blue wave” equates to a “mandate” against the Democrat Party’s embrace of socialism.

“Many have already dubbed this year the year of the Republican woman, and it couldn’t be truer with that,” McCarthy said during Thursday’s press conference, noting that the GOP is “posed to have 29 House Republican women join our ranks, surpassing the previous record.”

“Every Democrat incumbent who lost either lost to a woman, minority, or veteran Republican,” McCarthy said. “Meanwhile, Democrats are set to have the slimmest Democrat majority since World War II.”

“Pundits doubted us. Polls were stacked against us,” he said, listing the Democrat leaders, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who predicted big wins for Democrats in the House prior to the election. Some even projected “double-digit” victories for Democrats in the House.

“They were all wrong. Not one Republican incumbent lost. Republicans won from Miami to New York to Minnesota to California,” McCarthy continued.

“The only seat the Democrats won was an open seat, and then they claimed to have won a redistricting in North Carolina where Republicans didn’t even run,” he said, switching his focus to Pelosi, who proclaimed that Joe Biden (D) received a “mandate” to “address the challenges that our country faces as well as to have a positive initiative on how to grow the economy in a fair way.”

“I heard the Speaker called a mandate. It was a mandate against socialism. It was a mandate against defunding the police. It was a mandate against wasting a majority that the Democrats have done for the last Congress,” he added.

Republicans have flipped at least ten seats in the House:


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