Tucson Sector

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: 300 Mostly West African Migrants Cross Border into Arizona

In what Border Patrol agents describe as a daily event, more than 300 mostly West African migrants walked through drainage gates in the border wall several miles west of Lukeville, Arizona. The group contained around forty migrants from Peru, India, Ecuador, and several Middle Eastern countries, according to Border Patrol agents who spoke to Breitbart Texas.

300 Mostly West African Migrants Cross Border into Arizona. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Exclusive Photos: Migrants from Around the World Stream Across ‘Closed’ Border into Arizona

More than 300 migrants walked through open storm drain gates in the border wall just west of Lukeville to surrender to Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents early Tuesday morning. Breitbart Texas watched as the migrants queued at the border wall before walking through the Organ Pipe National Monument Reserve, hoping to gain release into the United States. The group included migrants from several African nations, India, Pakistan, Ecuador, and Peru.

Migrants from Many Nations Arrive at Arizona Border Crossing. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: 300 Migrants Stroll Across Biden Admin’s ‘Closed’ Border into Arizona on Labor Day

A single group of nearly 300 migrants walked through gates in the border wall welded open by the Biden administration west of Lukeville on Labor Day morning. The migrants eventually surrendered to Border Patrol agents at a nearby rally point. Breitbart Texas posted along the border in the small town and observed as Border Patrol agents prepared the migrants for transport to a Border Patrol processing center.

Nearly 300 Migrants are sheltered from the sun and guarded by Border Patrol agents near Lukeville, Arizona. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

EXCLUSIVE: Sheltering Costs for Rising Numbers of Migrants Hits $7M/Month in Arizona Border Sector

According to a source within CBP, the cost to accommodate the recent spike in migrant encounters in the Tucson Border Patrol Sector is rising rapidly as existing processing facilities reach their capacity. With an operating cost of nearly $7 million each month, one facility in Tucson is undergoing an expansion project to double its capacity to hold migrants. The cost to operate the facility, according to the source, will double as well.

A diesel-powered soft-sided migrant detention center near Tucson, Arizona. (Randy Clark/Breitbart Texas)

Two Migrant Sex Offenders Arrested After Crossing Border into Arizona

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested two migrants in recent days with significant convictions for sex-related crimes in the United States. In one incident, agents arrested a man with a conviction from Utah for sexual abuse of a child. In the second, agents arrested a migrant with a conviction for attempted rape in Georgia.

Previously deported sex offenders, Jose Roblero Perez -- Edgar Torres Martinez, arrested near Arizona border. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Exclusive: Border Patrol Records 125 Migrant Deaths in July

An ongoing heatwave impacting much of the nation and the swift-moving currents of the Rio Grande proved deadly for migrants attempting to enter the United States during the month of July. According to a source within Customs and Border Protection, 125 migrants perished attempting to cross the U.S. southwest border in July.

Tucson Sector agents rescue four migrants suffering heat-related illness near the Arizona border with Mexico. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

EXCLUSIVE: Texas Says State’s Border Security Op Effectively Moving Migrant Crossings to Other States

The Texas governor’s office says Operation Lone Star successfully moves migrant border crossings to other states, including the northern U.S. border with Canada. A recent U.S. Customs and Border Protection report indicates a decrease in migrant apprehensions in Texas-based border sectors and a simultaneous increase in the Tucson, Miami, and Canadian border sectors.

A migrant group marches through the desert in Arizona. (U.S Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

WATCH: CBP Aircrew Rescues Two U.S. Hikers from Mountain near Border in Arizona

A CBP Air and Marine Operations helicopter aircrew teamed up with Border Patrol agents to rescue two U.S. citizens who became overwhelmed by the heat on an Arizona desert mountain. After initial life-saving treatment by Border Patrol agents, the aircrew hoisted the couple from the mountain and transported them to a hospital for additional evaluation and treatment.

Border Patrol agents rescue a Mexican migrant who broke his leg in a remote area of the Arizona desert. (File Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Migrant Smugglers Busted in Arizona near Border

Border Patrol agents in the Yuma and Tucson Sectors continue to arrest suspected human smugglers with migrants packed into vehicles. In one case, the driver appeared to be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, officials stated.

Yuma and Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrest migrants and alleged human smugglers in Arizona. (U.S. Border Patrol)

GRAPHIC: Body Cam Video Captures Deadly Border Agent-Involved Shooting

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, for the very first time, released body-worn camera footage of a shooting incident from March 14, 2023. In the video, a Border Patrol agent is observed attempting to detain a suspected human smuggler at the conclusion of a high-speed pursuit that took place north of Sasabe, Arizona. The shooting highlights the potential for deadly consequences in the daily struggle to stop migrant smuggling along the southwest border.

A Border Patrol agent shoots an alleged human smuggler near Sasabe, Arizona. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Video Screenshot)

EXCLUSIVE: March Southwest Border Migrant Apprehensions Jump to 161K After Two-Month Decline

The short-term decrease in migrant apprehensions that followed the new Biden administration immigration policy changes came to an abrupt ending in March when agents apprehended more than 161,000 migrants along the southwest border with Mexico. The nearly 25 percent jump in March follows two months where agents averaged just under 129,000 migrant apprehensions.

Groups of migrants totaling more than 1,000 crossed the border near El Paso on Wednesday. (U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector)

Migrant Allegedly Breaks Border Patrol Agent’s Nose During Arrest in Arizona

A Border Patrol agent was violently attacked as she attempted to arrest a migrant near Naco, Arizona, on Saturday. As the agent attempted to place the migrant in her vehicle, the migrant reportedly knocked the agent off her feet and began punching her repeatedly in the face. According to a source within CBP, the agent suffered a broken nose and other injuries.

File Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Detroit Sector

Migrant Smugglers Drive Chevy Suburban Through Arizona Border Wall

A hole large enough to drive vehicles through a border wall in Arizona was cut by smugglers to quickly elude apprehension by Border Patrol. The efforts proved unsuccessful as a ground radar system triggered, leading to the arrests of three smugglers and the seizures of three vehicles. In all, 54 migrants were arrested in the failed attempt near Douglas on Wednesday.


Suspected Human Smuggler Flees on Horseback from Border Agents in Arizona

During a search of a livestock trailer being pulled through a Border Patrol interior immigration checkpoint in Arizona, a suspected human smuggler made an unsuccessful attempt to flee from the scene on horseback. The incident happened on Saturday as agents discovered seven migrants hidden in a compartment covered by bails of hay in the trailer being pulled by the alleged smuggler.

Border Patrol agents seize a horse used by a suspected human smuggler to attempt to escape. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)