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People Mag Forced to Respond to Drudge over 'Is Hillary Using a Walker' Controversy

People magazine was forced to respond to questions as to whether or not Hillary Clinton was using a walker in a People copy photographed and picked up by the website of Matt Drudge.

"Secretary Clinton is standing next to a patio chair in the backyard of her home where the photo shoot took place! I have also attached another photo from the shoot — thanks for checking in on this," Nancy Valentino, a senior vice president of communications at Time Inc., which owns People, wrote to Business Insider in an email.

This latest development comes after both Karl Rove and Rush Limbaugh have already raised "questions about the 66-year-old Clinton's health ahead of her widely expected entry in the 2016 presidential election."

While People magazine handled the matter professionally, team Hillary seemed a bit miffed at any continued speculations as regards her overall health.

"Dr. Rove tried this already, the world immediately saw it for what it blatantly was. He blew it. So, nice try — but enough is enough," said Nick Merrill, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton.


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