Trapt Drummer Quits Rock Band Following Lead Singer’s Pro-Trump Comments

Trapt / YouTube

The drummer for the nu-metal band Trapt has quit the group, suggesting that he disagrees with a series of pro-Trump comments made by its lead singer.

Drummer Michael Smith announced Saturday on Instagram that he is quitting the band over “primarily political” reasons, adding that the views don’t fit “with my personal morals and beliefs.”

“After playing drums for Trapt for the past couple years, I have decided to step down from the band. This is definitely a bittersweet decision. There have been some ongoing issues (primarily political) throughout 2020 that many of you may know about, others may not,” Smith wrote.

He added:

The stances taken, and publicity received as a result are not representative of myself. Not as an individual, nor fitting or aligned with my personal morals and beliefs. I do not agree with how certain things have been handled towards our fans and the music community who I have such an immense respect for.

TRAPT frontman Chris Taylor Brown reportedly made a series of pro-Trump comments last year using the band’s official Twitter account, which the social media platform appears to have suspended. His alleged comments provoked heated discussion in the “metalsphere” for their frank support of the Trump administration’s policies.

In one tweet captured by the site Metal Injection, Brown appears to state: “Naw, we’re loving our tax breaks, secure border and new trade deals!”

Another tweet defended the president’s coronavirus policy:

“Trump made the decision to close off travel from China early on! Europe didn’t do this! That is the SOLE reason the US doesn’t have bodies piling up and hospitals being overrun with the system about to fail, as is case in Italy. You should be thankful he made that decision!”

Brown also reportedly engaged in heated Twitter exchanges with fans and members of the music community.

Drummer Michael Smith said that he had problems “morally” with what was being said.

“When it comes down to it, I do not agree with a lot of the things morally and the publicity the band has received, mainly this past year in 2020,” he wrote on Instagram. “It is time for me to move on and pursue other avenues and projects.”

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