Watch: Joe Biden Struggles to Put His Pen in His Pocket

The White House

President Joe Biden struggled to put his pen in his pocket on Tuesday prior to signing a series of executive orders to combat systemic racism.

President Biden brought a pen with him from the podium and sat down at a small desk at the Whtie House to sign the executive orders.

He tried several times vainly to put away his personal pen in his interior suit coat pocket before opening up his coat to examine the problem.

“Excuse me. Trying to put my pen away here,” he apologized to reporters watching him in the room.

Poking his finger at the pocket, it appeared that it was still stitched shut.

He chuckled, prompting what sounded like Vice President Kamala Harris to ask, “What do you need?”

The president then put the pen in his pants pocket before reaching for the ceremonial pens to sign the executive orders.


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