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Former Employee Names Mavs Cuban in Racial Discrimination Petition

After weeks of headlines blaring about Mark Cuban overseeing an NBA organization where sexual harassment is rampant, the billionaire could also now be facing a legal case charging him and the Dallas Mavericks with racial discrimination.

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Three NBA Teams Boycott Trump Hotels

The Milwaukee Bucks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Dallas Mavericks will not be staying at any of the Hotels owned or licensed by Donald J. Trump.

Mark Cuban offers advice to potential $1.5 billion Powerball winner

Mark Cuban Would Rather ‘Lose Every Penny’ Than Have Trump as President

In case you happened to wonder what billionaire businessman, investor, and NBA owner Mark Cuban thinks of a potential Donald Trump presidency, the Dallas Mavericks owner held court on NBC Sports Radio’s Newy Scruggs Show, and informed all that he would rather go flat broke, and experience all Mavericks fans turn on him and his team, than see Donald Trump in the White House.

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Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban Labels Donald Trump a ‘Paper Tiger’

After remaining quiet for some time on Donald Trump’s campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has opened up, calling Trump a “paper tiger” and doubting the seriousness of the billionaire’s run.

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Mark Cuban to Trump: ‘Not Net Worth, Cash, Cash, Cash’

Dallas Mavericks’ owner, Mark Cuban, jumped back into a war of words with presidential candidate Donald Trump. Cuban took to his social media app, Cyberdust, to linguistically eviscerate Trump over the difference between net worth and cash flow. The duo exchanged nasty words last year as well.