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Dismembered Body of Woman Left on Baby Carriage in Border State Plaza

In a matter of minutes, curiosity turned into screams for help after residents of this border state municipality learned that an abandoned baby carriage contained the dismembered body of a murdered woman. A duffel bag on top of the baby carriage left behind in the town’s plaza motivated some neighbors to check its contents.

Nuevo Leon Dismembered woman

Mexican Feds Mum after 30 Pounds of TNT Stolen in Border State

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — One of the largest mining companies in Mexico reported the theft of various explosive packages setting off a large-scale investigation. Mexican federal authorities have been careful in revealing details about the case, claiming that it is a matter of national security.

Mexican military

Decomisan 6 Toneladas para Elaborar Droga Sintética cerca de Texas

MONTERREY, Nuevo Leon — Una llamada anónima puso al descubierto un cargamento de casi 6.5 toneladas de un químico para fabricar metanfetaminas ocultas en la caja de un tráiler. Los químicos serian llevados a un laboratorio clandestino donde serían usados para elaborar metanfetaminas, revelando un cambio en las estrategias de distribución de droga.

Mexican Federal Police