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The Conservative Temperament, Empiricism, and Refraining from a Rush to Judgment

Re:  Let Me Get This Straight.

More fallacious, scurrilous claims by rightwing bloggers.

But I want to make an important and serious point, if I may be allowed to take off my comedy cap for a minute.

We should refrain from any rush to judgment here. That's how we get into trouble, and how we embarrass the movement.

It's also fundamentally unamerican -- no one deserves to have his actions prejudged before a competent tribunal can pronounce upon it, with all the attendant dignities of the judicial process and the clarifying clash of evidence.

So please: I do understand this is the so-called "hot story" this week. But let's be mindful of our duty to truth, and fairness, and the basic American concern for process. And (and here I point an accusatory finger back at myself) let's stop with the snide allegations about Melgen and Menendez until all the facts are in. 

And let's not get caught up in a rush to go beyond the plain facts, without spin or snark. Everyone -- even our bitterest opponents -- are entitled to be presumed innocent.

L to R: Salamon Melgen, Bob Menendez, Richard "The Nightstalker" Ramirez


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