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Strategy over facetime is needed

In response to House Ways and Means to Hold Hearing with IRS Victims Next Week:

Often the failure of House and Senate hearings is a lack of strategy and an exercise in media selfishness. Every Republican Congressman will feel it necessary to issue platitudes and condemnations and grand statements for applause. Time to be unselfish and think of the task and goal.

  1. Democrats will seek to attack the witnesses, obfuscate the issues and provide cover for the IRS and administration so ignore them.
  2. Play our game and do so with rigid determination.
  3. Select 2-3 members as questioners and prep them extensively.
  4. One opening statement of platitudes and condemnation is enough.
  5. The first 15-20 minutes is the window for the national attention span. Only the faithful care after that.
  6. Ask a direct question, redirect if necessary.
  7. Other committee members role is to watch, listen and pass notes for follow up.
  8. Stay on task.


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