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Dissent and rebellion

In response to Wow:

This is all more about anti-civilization and rebellion than "dissent."  Dissent implies coherence and alternatives.  The media is appropriating such words to color our perception of what is actually happening.  And what's actually happening goes far beyond most of the "Justice for Trayvon" protesters' opinions of the actual Zimmerman murder case, about which they are generally very poorly informed.

This case became a vehicle for anger and nihilism, driven by people who profited handsomely from it, both materially and politically.  It's a field day for race-baiters who live in perpetual fear that people might actually start getting along.  George Zimmerman became a protean all-purpose hate fetish.  He's a part-black Hispanic Obama voter who morphed into a white man, a Klan-style racist, a heavily armed semi-fascist standard bearer for right-wing "gun culture," and whatever else they needed him to be.  It's like the old "Rebel Without a Cause" offer to rebel against anything The Man has got, with Zimmerman pressed into service as an improbable avatar of The Man.

Meanwhile, Trayvon Martin is deified as a saintly figure.  The old photos dishonestly circulated by the lynch-mob media are rendered in stained glass.  He's a "child," a figure of supreme innocence who never did anything wrong in his whole life, murdered in cold blood by Zimmerman in an unprovoked ambush attack.  It's common to hear the his admirers speak of what he "stood" for.  In truth, he didn't really stand for much of anything, and neither do most 17-year-olds.  His actual interests were neither peaceful nor healthy, but all discussion of them is shut down by angry shrieks from his posthumous groupies.  

Neither of these caricatures has much to do with the two actual people who had that fateful encounter in Sanford, Florida.  This is a political puppet show.  People are expressing anger at a society they feel totally alienated from.  They're also dangerously transferring concern away from the real problems faced by young black men.  Far too many of them have good reason to fear for their lives, but not because of anyone remotely like George Zimmerman.  The failure of degenerate leftist policies - education, welfare, the economy, you name it - is wiped away in a great big burst of incandescent hatred for a convenient devil figure.  The nightly manufacture of teenage corpses in places like L.A. and Chicago goes ignored.  An honest assessment of serious social issues slips further and further away.

How can anyone who isn't off their rocker with displaced rage believe that the appropriate course of action when followed by a neighborhood watch guy is to get in his face and provoke a confrontation, culminating in a sucker punch?  That's anarchic rebellion talking, not "dissent" from anything.


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