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The history erasers wrap things up in Benghazi

In response to Team tracking Benghazi suspects pulling out Despite Obama's Vow To Get Them:

Imagine if Mitt Romney had accurately predicted this during the 2012 campaign.  "Obama has made such an unholy disaster of Libya, and his Administration is so preoccupied with covering up its failures, that not only will he fail to bring any of the people who murdered our Ambassador and his brave defenders to justice, but the investigators will have to flee the country because it's too dangerous for them to remain!"  

News anchors would have experienced multiple heart failures, Obama's campaign team would have fanned out across the airwaves to call Romney a madman, and Candy Crowley would have lunged for his throat instead of merely lying to save Obama during the debate.

There's no further reason to keep the investigators in a country Obama lost to terrorists and militias.  There won't be any arrests, because the Administration doesn't want the perps testifying about the attack in court.  They don't want to admit that the Benghazi area is too unstable to risk taking action.  Obama can't afford a street battle with al-Qaeda and its allies in Libya while he's got Egypt and Syria blowing up in his face.  He's not far from having to explain why the Taliban is back in control of Afghanistan, and Iran got nuclear weapons despite all his promises that they wouldn't.  And they're confident they've buried those "bumps in the road" nice and deep, convincing a critical mass of Low Information Voters that Benghazi is just an obsession of fringe Obama-haters.  

Even the four scapegoats sent on paid vacation - er, excuse me, placed on "administrative leave" - to make it look like someone was being held accountable for Benghazi have been returned to duty.  Obama got through the election, with a lot of help from his dear friends in the mainstream media, so he'll never pay any real price for what he did before, during, and after the Benghazi attack.  Hillary Clinton's not Secretary of State any more, and it remains to be seen if her presidential bid will be thwarted by her disastrous reign at State.  History has been erased.


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