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Al Jazeera America Staffers Rattled By Layoffs, Catastrophic Ratings

A year after the launch of the cable news network Al Jazeera America, layoffs, rumors of more layoffs, and catastrophic ratings have staffers rattled. Writing for Columbia Journalism Review, Dean Starkman reports on the struggles of the Qatar-based cable news network but misses one vital point. 20 Aug 2014, 12:41 PM PDT

Ferguson: New York Times Buries News of Officer Wilson's Injury

The New York Times has big news on the biggest story in the country today but as Noah Rothman at Hot Air discovered, the Times buried that news 26 paragraphs deep. According to the Times' own police sources, "witnesses and forensic analysis have shown that Officer Wilson did sustain an injury during the struggle in the car." 20 Aug 2014, 9:31 AM PDT

Fareed Zakaria Faces New Plagiarism Accusations

The two anonymous plagiarism cops at Our Bad Media, whose reporting resulted in the firing of BuzzFeed's Benny Johnson last month, have published a new list of plagiarism charges, this time aimed at Fareed Zakaria and three news outlets that publish his work: CNN, Time Magazine, and The Washington Post. 19 Aug 2014

Damned If They Do?: Tapper Rips Ferguson Police For Heavy Presence

During what the Huffington Post called "an impassioned monologue," CNN's Jake Tapper blasted the Ferguson police for a show of force during a protest Monday night. On one side of a downtown street flanked by businesses, the camera reveals a large group of protesters. A block or two away, on the other side of street, sat a line of armed and uniformed police officers carrying shields, batons, and semi-automatic weapons. 19 Aug 2014

The Friends – and Paymasters – of Alan Pyke

You remember Alan Pyke, don’t you? He’s the “deputy economic policy editor” at Think Progress—the blog of the Center for American Progress, the premiere left-wing think tank in DC—who on August 14 tweeted out that he wished Roger Ailes would die a “slow, painful” death. 18 Aug 2014

Why Alan Pyke Ought to Resign – and Won't

On Thursday, Alan Pyke, an economics editor at Think Progress, the blog of the Center for American Progress, the liberal think-tank in Washington, tweeted out that he wished Fox News chief Roger Ailes would die a “slow, painful” death—“and soon.” Why? Because, in Pyke’s view, Ailes is “evil.” As Pyke explained it, referring to Ailes, “The evil that man has done to the American tapestry is unprecedented for an individual.” 15 Aug 2014

Robbery Tape Humiliates Media's 'Gentle Giant' Narrative

With the release of tape today by the Ferguson Police Department of a man who appears to be Michael Brown allegedly physically assaulting a much smaller clerk while stealing Swisher Sweet cigars, the media’s narrative has collapsed. The media – and top-level politicians across the political spectrum – portrayed Michael Brown in saintlike fashion. That narrative no longer holds. 15 Aug 2014

Al Gore Sues Al Jazeera America for Unpaid Millions

Former Vice President Al Gore is suing Al Jazeera America, saying the news network is withholding tens of millions of dollars that it owes for buying Current TV from him and other shareholders for $500 million last year. 15 Aug 2014


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