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HuffPost: BuzzFeed EIC's Hit Piece on Uber 'Not True,' 'Sensationalized'

The fallout is still mounting over the November 17 BuzzFeed piece alleging that an executive of Uber said that his company should do opposition research on recalcitrant journalists and release their personal information to the public. But now the scrutiny is being turned against BuzzFeed's Ben Smith for mischaracterizing the executive's words. 21 Nov 2014, 6:21 PM PDT

BuzzFeed's Ben Smith Says Uber Hit Piece Didn't Need Investment Disclosures

A few days ago, BuzzFeed's Ben Smith had a big scoop revealing that a senior Uber executive thought it would be a good idea to do opposition research on journalists and expose their private information to the public. But it wasn't long before Smith himself came under fire for not disclosing that execs of his own site were investors in Uber's rivals. 21 Nov 2014, 5:57 PM PDT

New York Post: BAMNESTY!

This morning’s New York Post cover features President Obama’s “Bamnesty,” pointing out that thanks to Obama, anybody can come to America. 21 Nov 2014, 9:46 AM PDT

NPR's Race-Conscious Project: Are We Still Funding This?

National Public Radio has released the latest of its "race card" stories based on "six-word essays." This one comes from Marc Quarles, a hospital technical who, NPR relates, "is African-American, with a German wife and two biracial children--a son, 15, and daughter, 13. The family lives in Pacific Grove, a predominantly white, affluent area on California's Monterey Peninsula." His six-word entry: "'With Kids, I'm Dad. Alone, Thug'." 17 Nov 2014


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