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Time, Slate, & Jezebel Say Yes to War On Women Ad Writers

Another front in the War on Women just opened on the pages of Time Magazine. To protect Democrat gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist in Florida, Time launched a withering attack against five women who wrote a political ad backing Crist's Republican opponent, sitting Florida Governor Rick Scott. 2 Oct 2014, 8:48 AM PDT

Obama Blasted for 'Shameless, Reprehensible Buck-Passing' by... Piers Morgan?

Former CNN host Piers Morgan's inaugural editorial for the Daily Mail Online rails hard against U.S. President Barack Obama, saying the Commander-in-Chief has doomed his presidency by denying his responsibility in the failure to anticipate the rise of the Islamic State terrorist group and passing blame to the intelligence community. Morgan, who has butted heads with Breitbart authors Ben Shapiro and AWR Hawkins, even cites a Breitbart News report on the President skipping nearly 60% of his daily intelligence briefings. 1 Oct 2014

CNN's Blitzer, Banfield Post Double Digit Demo Drops

Thanks to MSNBC's ongoing collapse, CNN is able to pretend its own ratings aren't catastrophic. "We're #2! We're #2!" Congrats, Jeff Zucker, you sunk a little less than the MSNBC Titanic. What's mainly propping CNN is up is non-news reality programming, like CNN's documentary "The Sixties," which felt like it was around longer than its subject. 1 Oct 2014

MSNBC Sinks to 7 Year Lows; Maddow, Hayes Post Worst Ever Demo

MSNBC is in trouble. Big trouble. Despite the network achieving quarterly ratings lows unseen since 2007, MSNBC President Phil Griffin is determined to double down on failure with offerings such as illegal alien-advocate Jose-Diaz Balart and leftwing Millennial bait Ronan Farrow. 1 Oct 2014

New York Times Slashes 7.5% of Staff; Digital Platforms Fail

After weeks of rumors, The New York Times announced Wednesday that more than 100 newsroom jobs will be slashed, as "well as a smaller number of positions from its editorial and business operations[.]" If enough people don't except buyouts, the ax will fall. According to the Huffington Post this adds up to a huge 7.5% cut of the overall Times' staff. 1 Oct 2014

Fox News Slaughters CNN, MSNBC; Hits Historic Ratings Milestone

For the third quarter of 2014, Fox News not only humiliated its leftwing cable news counterparts at CNN and MSNBC during the all-important primetime hours, Fox News also beat all of cable -- all hundred or so cable channels, including perennial winners ESPN and USA. THR rightly describes this as a "historic cable ratings victory." 30 Sep 2014

Mainstream Media Continues to Call Oklahoma Beheading 'Workplace Violence'

Another seemingly brazen act of terror, this time in America's heartland, has authorities looking closely at the background of the man accused of beheading a coworker. Witnesses say that the man had recently attempted to convert others in the warehouse to Islam, and had screamed Islamic phrases as he committed the gruesome crime. 30 Sep 2014

Washington Post Stealth Edits Out Gender of Female Secret Service Agent

The Daily Caller's Derek Hunter caught yet another stealth edit at the Washington Post, a publication notorious for secretly rewriting its news pages without any sort of editorial note. In this case, the Washington Post changed its mind about letting its readers know the gender of a Secret Service agent. The story is in reference to the new and very troubling revelations surrounding the armed White House intruder. 30 Sep 2014

Newsweek Adds Plagiarism Warning to Fareed Zakaria Articles

A wave of unearthed plagiarism charges against Fareed Zakaria at Our Bad Media has resulted in Newsweek adding a plagiarism warning to every one of the CNN anchor's previous columns and articles. According to Politico, Zakaria worked for Newsweek as a columnist and editor for 14 years, between 1996 and 2010. 30 Sep 2014

WSJ: 'Peak Oil' Doomsday Predictions Proven False Thanks to Fracking

For years, geologists, oil men, and environmentalists have warned that the amount of oil humanity can pull out of the ground can only decrease from what we are getting now—a concept called "peak oil." But despite warnings that "peak oil" is right around the corner, it has never come to pass. A new piece at The Wall Street Journal tells us why. 29 Sep 2014

Gut Check: Panic Buttons

Fear sells more than fact. As one top doctor told me, all hospitals are obliged to test an incoming patient, to eliminate wrong diagnosis. They’d be idiots not to that. So testing someone for something is no story, since so many symptoms are similar, and you are more likely to die from something that ISN’T Ebola. (Look at the stats on diarrhea: each year it kills 760,000 children under five. Scary, but not nearly as headline-grabbing as Ebola). Newscasters love saying Ebola is exploding, and then they lower their panic when explaining that, yes, it’s not a threat to us (yet). 29 Sep 2014

MSNBC: Best Demo Night In Two Weeks Is 'Lockup' Marathon

Two weeks ago Variety's Peter Bart tried to sound the alarm with an open letter to MSNBC chief Phil Griffin. Since then the network's ratings have sunk even more; to a point where its best primetime showing in the all important 25-54 age demo occurred during a marathon of the reality series "Lockup" on Saturday, September 13th. 29 Sep 2014

**UPDATE** CNN Clears CNN's Fareed Zakaria of Plagiarizing on CNN

As you watch this video, keep this in mind: When dozens of examples of Fareed Zakaria are unearthed that show him serially stealing the work of others, this is how the elite media handles it... Ignore, and then have have Zakaria's own co-worker on Zakaria's own network clear him of the charges. 29 Sep 2014

25-Year-Old NYU Journalism Student: What's an Editorial?

Racially-obsessed Daisy Hernández published an 8,000-word excerpt of her racially-obsessed memoir in the racially-obsessed Salon. In the excerpt, Hernández admits that at age 25, while taking graduate-level journalism classes at no less than New York University, she had absolutely no idea what a newspaper editorial was. 29 Sep 2014


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