Sean Penn Appears to Suggest Trump Take Cyanide: ‘May Well Be a Road Worth Your Exploration’

US actor Sean Penn, founder and president of J/P Haitian Relief Organisation, leaves after a meeting with the French president at the Elysee Palace in Paris on February 19, 2015. AFP PHOTO / STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN (Photo credit should read STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN/AFP via Getty Images)

Hollywood actor Sean Penn appeared to recommend cyanide to President Donald Trump in response to the commander in chief’s continued challenge of election results.

In a tweet Tuesday, the two-time Oscar winning celebrity responded to the recently leaked audio conversation between President Trump and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

“Mr. President. How about this ‘recalculation:’ Have you considered cyanide salts from an ampoule? May well be a road worth your exploration. A mercy for man & country that would make your ‘boys’ proud,” Penn wrote.

The phrase “make your ‘boys’ proud” appears to be a reference to the Proud Boys.

Sean Penn has repeatedly attacked President Trump for challenging the results of the November 3 election. The president has alleged voter fraud and irregularities in key swing states, including Georgia. A growing number of GOP senators and congressmen are planning to challenge the electoral college results on January 6.

The Mystic River star has called the president a “Fuhrer” and a “demagogue” who is guilty of the “murder of 100’s of thousands of Americans.” In October, he called Republican leaders “the party of Putin.”

Penn himself has associated with his share of demagogues.

In his free time, the actor has cozied up to Venezuela’s late socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and Mexican drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán. The actor has also expressed admiration for Cuba’s Fidel Castro and traveled to the communist country to interview Raul Castro, who succeeded his brother.

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