Hollywood Celebs Gush over Stacey Abrams Following Georgia Runoffs: Put Her On the $20 Bill

Alberto E. Rodriguez; Mike Windle; Sarah Morris; Erik Voake; Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images
Alberto E. Rodriguez; Mike Windle; Sarah Morris; Erik Voake; Chelsea Guglielmino/Getty Images

Left-wing Hollywood celebrities are gushing over Stacey Abrams following Tuesday’s runoff elections in Georgia,  calling her a “superhero,” a “goddess,” and even saying that her face belongs on the $20 bill.

In the weeks leading up to the runoffs, Stacey Abrams played a central role in corralling Hollywood talent in the service of Georgia Democrats. Abrams participated in a slew of celebrity fundraisers intended to help candidates Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, including a Star Trek reunion, a Supernatural cast party, and a Broadway-themed celebration, starring Rob Reiner and Whoopi Goldberg.

Abrams also played an instrumental role in actors Kumail Nanjiani and Sophia Bush’s effort to get out the minority vote for Georgia Democrats.

Now the stars — the vast majority of whom have no personal connection to Georgia — are lining up to kiss the ring of the failed gubernatorial candidate as Georgia Democrats claim victory in the state’s hotly contested Senate races.

Batman star Michael Keaton tweeted: “What Stacey Abrams has done is inestimable and patriotic and heroic!”

The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo called her a “real superhero” who is “once against saving us all.”

Comedian Chelsea Handler demanded a statue of Abrams be erected in Georgia.

Fatal Attraction star Glenn Close was euphoric in an Instagram post: “I am celebrating the vision, passion and brilliance of Stacey Abrams.” In the video, she also called Abrams a true “heroine.”

Cher declared that Abrams is a “goddess.”

Actor Jeffrey Wright suggested that Abrams be put in charge of the Democratic party.

The West Wing star Bradley Whitford and The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal used similar expletives to express their admiration for Abrams.

Hollywood siblings Patricia Arquette and Rosanna Arquette both heaped praise on the failed gubernatorial candidate.

Thirtysomething star Ken Olin said Abrams’ face belongs on the $20 bill.

Comedian Sandra Bernhard tweeted her thanks to Abrams, claiming “we have saved our democracy.”

Comedian and Elizabeth Warren surrogate Billy Eichner tweeted his thanks to Abrams, adding: “forever in your debt.”

Frozen star Josh Gad could barely contain his enthusiasm over Abrams.

Seinfeld star Jason Alexander gushed: “God bless Stacey Abrams.”

Lost star Daniel Dae Kim also expressed his gratitude to Abrams.

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