Charlie Kirk: Don’t Disregard a Socialist, It Is Hard to Run Against ‘Free’

Sanders leads close 4-way battle in early voting Iowa: poll

Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk told Breitbart News that conservatives shouldn’t disregard a socialist opponent to President Donald Trump, as it is difficult to run against the false promise of “free” stuff. Kirk spoke to host Matthew Boyle at the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland during an interview on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily.

“Do not discount a socialist running for the President of the United States. It is hard to run against ‘free,'” warned Kirk of Sen. Sanders’ chances of winning the 2020 presidential election against President Trump.

“And by the way, President Trump has said this, that it’s hard to run against someone who’s willing to promise stuff that is not your own — and willing to cancel student loan debt — that’s a difficult thing to run up against,” he added.

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“Socialism is an evil, greedy, self-righteous ideology that exploits the citizens while using people’s misfortunes as political opportunities for power,” affirmed Kirk.

The Turning Point USA founder added that the education system in the United States has contributed to an influx of people endorsing socialism.

“Unfortunately, the socialist term has become diluted over the years, because our school system has infected our country with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of young people that think Marxism is a good thing,” said Kirk.

“Do not discount him,” added Kirk of Sanders. “I don’t ever want to hear again from another conservative, ‘Oh, we’re going to win in a landslide.’ Do not be a Hillary Clinton sycophant like they were in 2016, where they thought they were going to win.”

“It’s deathly serious here, Matt, because we brought down the Berlin Wall 30 years ago, and now we’re going to elect the same ideology that we beat geopolitically, potentially as President of the United States,” warned the Turning Point USA founder.

Kirk also talked about his new book, The MAGA Doctrine, which will be released on Monday.

“It’s comprehensive, it’s about American renewal, American success, about sovereignty, about fair and impartial judges, and it comes from the thought process that America is indeed the greatest country ever to exist in the history of the world,” said Kirk.

He continued, “The doctrine is one where the president is a singular vessel of a populist revolt against the ruling class that has disenfranchised our generation — our country — for so long. And the Democrats and the left never saw this coming. And while they keep running milktoast, let’s just say, duplicitous candidates that are more worried about beltway issues than mainstream Midwestern value issues, the country is going to continue to turn their back on them.”

“And here I am, holding a copy of the MAGA Doctrine,” said Kirk, showing Boyle a copy of his new book. “Do you like that picture?”

“I love the picture,” said Boyle. “[President Trump] hugging the flag. It’s fantastic.”

“It’s from CPAC last year,” said Kirk. “When I saw him do this last year, I said, ‘That’s going to be the cover of my book,’ because he views the flag and our country like a beloved member of his family.”

“And I want politicians that love our country that much, that are willing to fight for it like President Trump has,” he added.

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