Herschel Walker Blasts Joe Biden for Comparing Impact of George Floyd’s Death to MLK Assassination

Herschel Walker
AP Photo/Butch Dill

Ex-NFL Star Herschel Walker blasted Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden for claiming that the death of Minneapolis man George Floyd had a greater impact on the world than the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Walker, the 1982 Heisman Trophy winner, was infuriated by Biden’s proclamation.

“Someone inform @JoeBiden not to compare the death of Dr. King and George Floyd,” Walker wrote on Saturday. “He has been in office a very long time, and not once has he tried to change anything for black lives. Look at his voting records!”

Walker was referencing the Wednesday, June 10, round table discussion in Philadelphia where Biden exclaimed Dr. King’s death “did not have the worldwide impact George Floyd’s death did.”

“Even Dr. King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did,” Biden said during the event.

“Because just like television changed the civil rights movement for the better when they saw Bull Connor’s dogs ripping the clothes off of elderly black women who were trying to go to church, and fire hoses ripping the skin off of young kids,” he continued.

Bull Connor was a Democrat and Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama.

“That — all those folks around the country who didn’t have any black populations heard about this, but they didn’t believe it, but they saw it, it was impossible for them to close their eyes,” Biden exclaimed.

“Well, what happened to George Floyd, now you’ve got how many people around the country? Millions of cell phones, it’s changed the way everybody’s looking at this,” the former vice president said. “Look at the millions of people marching around the world.”

Biden’s analysis enraged many Civil Rights activists, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s niece Alveda King who accused Biden of “missing the mark.”

“President Trump says that we all bleed the same. We are one nation under God. Uncle Joe, as they call him — many do — is in his basement missing the mark. And he is out of touch with reality,” she said.

She added that comparing both deaths is “stirring the race card up.”

“Both men were raised in godly families. Both men wanted peace,” Dr. Alveda King added. “Martin Luther King Jr.: a righteous preacher. George Floyd, whose family now — his brother Terrence [says,] ‘We want peace.’ His sister Ruby [says,] ‘Let’s bring love back.'”

Dr. Alveda King then accused Biden of “fighting over skin color.”

“You know, we are one race — [the] human race — one blood. We can see you, Uncle Joe. And we’re listening,” she concluded. “But you have the wrong message, Uncle Joe.”

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