Report: Networks Silent on Hunter Biden’s Laptop — Only 298 Seconds of Coverage Since March

President Joe Biden and his son Hunter depart after attending Mass at Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2021, in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Establishment media television networks have shielded the Hunter Biden laptop story from view, covering up one of the most corrupt storylines of the past decade.

ABC News, NBC News, and CBS News have aired only 298 seconds on Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell” story since March 16, when the New York Times confirmed authentication of the laptop, according to Media Research Center. Though the Times confirmed authentication in March, Breitbart News’ Emma-Jo Morris authenticated the laptop in the fall of 2020, a year and a half earlier.

“After 599 days @abcnews reminded their viewers about Hunter’s laptop, but only to vaguely mention those ‘disheveled’ photos of him,” Media Research Center reported. “@abcnews, @cbsnews, and @nbcnews have spent ONLY 298 seconds on Hunter Laptop SINCE @nytimes March 16 admission.”

Since March 16, 51 stories have broken in relation to Hunter Biden’s laptop:

  1. “Hunter Biden: My Dad ‘Thinks I’m a God’”
  2. “Report: Hunter Says Joe Biden Is Politically Influenced by ‘Anything That I Want’”
  3. “Report: Hunter Biden Paid Mother of Child, Stripper from His Law Firm”
  4. “Report: Hunter Biden’s Attorney Assured Him NYT Would Not Link Joe Biden to Family Corruption”
  5. “Report: Hunter’s Las Vegas Call Girl Won $20K PPP Check as a ‘Female Owned Sole Proprietorship’”
  6. “Report: Hunter Biden Recklessly Handles Firearm with Prostitute in the Nude, Photos Show”
  7. “James Biden: ‘Offensive’ to Be Called Family ‘Fixer’ as Joe Biden Dubbed”
  8. “Report: Hunter Biden Utilized Burner Phone Apps from 2014 to 2018”
  9. “Report: Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Flew to Serbia, Infiltrated, Spied on ‘My Son Hunter’ Movie Set”
  10. “NYT Report: Hunter Biden Tries to Settle Justice Department Probe into Tax Fraud, Money Laundering”
  11. “Report: Hunter Biden Hires Hollywood Attorney for Legal Work, Financial Backing”
  12. “Hunter’s Laptop Repairman Sues CNN, Politico, Daily Beast, Adam Schiff for Defamation”
  13. “Secretary Mayorkas Had No Idea Biden’s ‘Disinformation’ Czar Suggested Hunter’s Laptop Was Russian Disinformation”
  14. “7 Times Joe Biden Deflected, Denied Involvement in Corrupt Family Business”
  15. “15 House Republicans Demand Answers from Hunter’s Business Partner About Role in Joe Biden’s Finances”
  16. “Rep. Darrell Issa: Hunter’s Laptop Calls for Probe into Biden Family for ‘Selling of Access’ to Foreign Interests”
  17. “Report: Hunter Biden Business Partner Visited White House 8 More Times”
  18. “Joe Biden’s Attorney General Promises to Not Interfere in Hunter Biden Probe”
  19. “Poll: Majority Say Joe Biden Involved in Hunter’s Corruption, Impeachable Offense”
  20. “Report: Joe Biden Met with Hunter Biden’s Business Partner at White House”
  21. “‘Magnet for Conspiracy Theories’: Hunter’s Investment Firm Entry Censored from Wikipedia”
  22. “Trump-Appointed Prosecutor David Weiss Weighs Hunter Biden Indictment”
  23. “Fmr. Clinton Adviser: Corrupt Biden Family Business Could Destroy Democrats in Midterms”
  24. “11 Times Joe Biden Was Involved in Family’s Corrupt Business Dealings”
  25. “‘Popular Right Wing Narrative’: Brian Stelter Denies He Purveyed Hunter’s Laptop as ‘Russian Disinformation’”
  26. “Report: U.S. Banks Flagged Over 150 Suspicious Financial Transactions from Biden Family”
  27. “Republicans Strategize Hunter Biden Probe After Midterms: ‘He’s a National Security Threat’”
  28. “Report: Hunter Biden Grand Jury Witness Was Asked About the ‘Big Guy’”
  29. “Hunter Biden’s Malibu Home: Private Road, Spectacular Views”
  30. “White House Ignores Calls for a Special Counsel Investigation of Hunter Biden”
  31. “Hunter Biden’s Depicted Family Payout Mechanism Further Proved in Ron Klain’s 2012 Email”
  32. “Report: Ron Klain Emailed Hunter Biden About ‘Unpleasant Business’ of Raising Money for Vice President”
  33. “Establishment Media Ignore Alleged Payouts to Biden Family, Detailed in Hunter’s Texts”
  34. “Ron Klain: Joe Biden Is ‘Confident’ Hunter Biden Didn’t Break the Law”
  35. “White House Refuses to Rule out Joe Biden Pardon for Hunter Biden”
  36. “White House Stands by False Joe Biden Debate Claim that Hunter Did Not Make Money from China”
  37. “House Judiciary Republicans Investigating Facebook and Twitter for Suppressing Hunter Biden Laptop News”
  38. “WaPo Admits Hunter Profited $4.8M from Chinese Energy Deal”
  39. “WaPo Admits Hunter’s Laptop Holds ‘Authentic Communications that Can Be Verified’”
  40. “CNN Admits Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is Authentic 532 Days After Initial Reporting”
  41. “Matt Gaetz Introduces Resolution to Strip Security Clearances from Intel Officials Who Misled About Hunter’s Laptop”
  42. “GOP Senators Reveal $100K Direct Payment From Chinese Energy Company to Hunter Biden”
  43. “Exclusive: Rep. Darrell Issa Hits Twelve Individuals Involved in ‘Laptop From Hell’ Election Interference with Document Preservation Notices”
  44. “Brian Stelter Spends Exactly 0 Seconds on Media’s False Claims that Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Were ‘Russian Disinformation’”
  45. “Exclusive– Meltdown: CNN’s Brian Stelter Refuses to Walk Back His False Claims Hunter Biden’s Laptop Emails Were ‘Russian Disinformation’”
  46. “Donald Trump Responds to New York Times’ Admission on Hunter Biden Emails”
  47. “Media Fail to Retract ‘Russian Disinformation’ Claim About Hunter’s Laptop”
  48. “McCarthy: House GOP Agenda Will Include Probe of Media, Tech on Hunter Laptop Story”
  49. “NewsGuard Ultimate Fake News Humiliation: ‘Fact-Checking’ Org’s Co-Founder Called Hunter Biden’s Laptop a ‘Hoax’”
  50. “Jen Psaki Refuses to Confirm Authenticity of Hunter Biden Laptop”
  51. “Report: Hunter Biden Paid IRS $1M in 2021, Attempting to Evade Conviction or Long Sentence”

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