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Not even Super-President can do this job?

In response to When Did The 'Micromanaging President' Become 'President Passerby'?:

I'm also skeptical at the sudden transformation of Barack Obama, Czar of all Czars, into a helpless shut-in who wakes up each morning and flips on CNN Headline News to find out what his Administration is doing.  In fact, the increasingly insulting portrait of Obama the Clueless Dolt that his frantic defenders are painting is hilarious.  If Mitt Romney had talked about Obama this way during the campaign, he'd have been savaged as a racist smear merchant.  If Obama had presented himself this way, he'd have carried six states.

But it's fascinating to take clowns like David Axelrod at face value, when the urgent need to distance Obama from these scandals drives them to declare the super-government he created is too large for any one man to manage... even the Lightworker, the smartest man who ever held the office, the guy who advises his advisers on how to be advisers.  They're essentially denying the possibility of accountability or transparency, even as the man they're protecting makes breathless promises of both.  

And the rest of us are supposed to be content living in the system that no one can comprehend or control?  Our system of government is supposed to derive its just powers from the consent of the governed.  It has only the powers we grant it.  Who in their right minds would consent to this nightmare?  Who would grant power to people who cannot be held accountable for abusing it?


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