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Eagles Malcolm Jenkins: Kaepernick’s Decision to Protest was ‘Genius’

He may have contributed to getting himself run out of the franchise that drafted him, infuriated over 70% of the country, insulted our flag and those who have defended it, and made himself the closest thing to unemployable in the entire National Football League, but, hey, the Eagles Malcolm Jenkins thinks Colin Kaepernick’s protest was “genius.”

Quarterback Carson Wentz's 152-yard pass and a touchdown helped the Philadelphia Eagles to a win over the New York Giants

Carson Wentz Buys Personalized Shotguns for His Offensive Line

Dan Marino became famous years ago for “taking care of the hands that took care” of him while pitching Isotoner gloves during the Christmas season. The tradition of highly paid quarterbacks giving to those they depend on for protection continues until this day.

NFL Network’s Brian Baldinger: Eagles ‘May Even Put a Little Bounty on Ezekiel Elliott’

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell couldn’t have made his stance on paying players to intentionally injure other players any more clear than after he slammed the New Orleans Saints for their bounty program. He handed down a punishment so severe, and evidence-challenged, that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue stepped in and overturned four of Goodell’s player suspensions.