Delingpole: Eco-Fascists Deny Responsibility For ‘Corona Is the Cure; Humans are the Disease’ Signs


The eco-fascists are showing their true face in the Coronavirus pandemic. Activists claiming to be from Extinction Rebellion have put up posters exulting in the loss of human life.

They say:

“Corona is the cure

Humans are the disease.”

The official national leadership of Extinction Rebellion has since sought to distance itself from the posters, claiming that the stickers are ‘not in line with what XR believes or stands for’ and blaming ‘far right groups.’

But this should be taken with a pinch of salt.

First, the XR East Midlands Twitter account which boasted about the stunt is widely followed by XR groups around the country. If it has been a ‘far right’ disinformation operation, it appears to have fooled pretty much the entirety of the XR movement – which has repeatedly tweeted its views and seems to share many of them.

Second, the posters are entirely in line with the thinking of the green movement – as detailed in my book Watermelons: How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children’s Future.

As high-level environmentalist organisation The Club of Rome once infamously wrote:

“The Earth has a cancer. The cancer is man.”

This is genuinely how many so-called environmentalists think.

It dates back at least to the era of late 18th century doom monger Thomas Malthus and is evident in everything from the burblings of Sir David Attenborough (a former trustee of the Optimum Population Trust which, up until 2011, argued on its website that the world’s then-population of 6.8 billion should be reduced to a more ‘sustainable’ 5.1 billion) to the entire field of ecology (predicated on the notion that man is a detrimental presence on the planet).

Here is that mode of thinking – worryingly popular among the global elite – expressed in the 1970s by one of the early enthusiasts of the green movement, the late gambler, tiger-enthusiast and casino owner John Aspinall.

Some of us are now drawn to believe that a demo-catastrophe will be an eco-bonanza. In other words, a population readjustment on a planetary scale from 4,000 million to something in the nature of 200 minion would be the only possible solution for the survival of the eco-system or systems that nurtured us.

Environmentalists, you may suspect, are the very last people we should be heeding in this coronavirus pandemic. Not only are they partly responsible for the misdirection of scientific resources which has left us so woefully ill-prepared for the disease – but a worrying proportion of them actually welcome this plague because they see it as Gaia’s revenge on evil mankind.


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