Kayleigh McEnany Demands Democrats Condemn ‘Shameful’ Antifa Violence

White House

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany challenged reporters and Democrats on Thursday to condemn Antifa violence during the riots in American major cities.

“Something else lost upon the media is the absolute turning of a blind eye to Antifa, carrying the water for Democrats,” McEnany said, scolding corporate media for lacking journalistic curiosity about Antifa.

McEnany noted that journalist Andy Ngo was brutally beaten by a group of Antifa protesters and suffered a brain bleed.

She also cited a violent incident during a protest in 2019 where a man named Adam Kelly got a concussion and 25 staples in his head after he was hit by a nightstick.

McEnany then recalled the death of 39-year-old Aaron “Jay” Danielson who shot and killed in Portland by a man describing himself as “100 percent Antifa.”

She further chastised the media for repeatedly harping on the “white supremacist” narrative with the President Donald Trump, and letting former Vice President Joe Biden claim that Antifa was just an “idea.”

“Ideas do not target police officers; ideas do not burn down buildings; ideas do not kill innocent Americans; organizations do and Democrats should condemn this shameful group in the same manner that President Trump continues to condemn White Supremacy,” McEnany concluded.


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