Prosecutors Expect ‘Asian’ Groomer Rapist Sentenced to Seven Years Will Be Out in Three

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An ‘Asian’ heritage child rapist, who was convicted and sentenced to over seven years in prison, will likely spend less than four years actually behind bars, Breitbart London can report.

Samiral Choudhury, 30, was sentenced Monday to a prison term of seven years and two months after being found guilty of the assault of a child under 13 by penetration.

Choudhury was also found guilty of the sexual assault of a child under 13, which carries a sentence of two years and two months, and voyeurism with a sentence of two months. However the court ruled that the two later convictions will be served concurrently, rendering the counts meaningless, as they will be served during the same time as his first conviction.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) told Breitbart London that the child rapist will likely only serve half of his prison term before being released on licence — after just three years and seven months.

“We expect he will be released at the halfway point in the usual way and then serve the remainder of his custodial sentence plus one year on licence,” said a Service spokesman.

The CPS also noted Choudhury was given a one-year extended sentence in addition to the others, yet that will likely be served while he is free to walk the streets.

In common with all convicted criminals who serve portions of their sentences on licence out in the community, Choudhury would be sent back to prison if he were found to have broken the terms of his release. Yet the system does nothing to protect potential victims from criminals who might re-offend, as has happened in other unrelated cases.

Choudhury was arrested in 2017 for intent to distribute a class A drug after police found a kilo of cocaine in his car. A key was discovered in a search of his car that officers were able to use to unlock a metal cabinet in his home, which contained ten child-sized bras and a USB drive containing obscene images of young girls, who are believed to have been as young as seven years old.

In Britain many criminals do not serve their full sentence while in custody, often being released on licence automatically halfway through their prison sentences.

The United Kingdom is currently considering emergency legislation that would abolish the automatic release of those convicted of terror-related crimes. The new legislation was introduced following the Stretham terror attack, that was committed by Sudesh Amman, a terrorist who had been released on licence just days before committing the attack that left two wounded.

The proposed emergency legislation would mandate that convicted terrorists serve at least two-thirds of their sentences and go before a parole board before being released. Yet the new law would not prevent the early release of convicted child rapists like Samiral Choudhury from prison.

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