Arizona Border Crisis

EXCLUSIVE: Five Migrants on Terror Watch List Arrested near AZ Border Post-Title 42

Border Patrol agents in a single border sector arrested five migrants later discovered to be on the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB) watch list. The apprehensions occurred on Friday in the Tucson Sector of the United States Border Patrol shortly after the end of Title 42. According to a source within Customs and Border Protection, not authorized to speak to the media, the migrants were referred to the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task for further investigation and identity confirmation.

Three Points Station agents apprehended a group of 16 camouflage-wearing migrants near Vamori, Arizona. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

GRAPHIC: Body Cam Video Captures Deadly Border Agent-Involved Shooting

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, for the very first time, released body-worn camera footage of a shooting incident from March 14, 2023. In the video, a Border Patrol agent is observed attempting to detain a suspected human smuggler at the conclusion of a high-speed pursuit that took place north of Sasabe, Arizona. The shooting highlights the potential for deadly consequences in the daily struggle to stop migrant smuggling along the southwest border.

A Border Patrol agent shoots an alleged human smuggler near Sasabe, Arizona. (U.S. Customs and Border Protection Video Screenshot)

EXCLUSIVE: 128K Migrants Caught in February at Southwest Border — Up 31% Over Feb 2021

Border Patrol agents along the nine southwest border sectors apprehended just over 128,000 migrants in February, according to unofficial Border Patrol reports reviewed by Breitbart Texas. This is down slightly from January’s reported 128,410 migrant apprehensions in January but is up more than 30 percent from February 2021 — President Joe Biden’s first full month in office.

Three Points Station agents apprehended a group of 16 camouflage-wearing migrants near Vamori, Arizona. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Suspected Human Smuggler Flees on Horseback from Border Agents in Arizona

During a search of a livestock trailer being pulled through a Border Patrol interior immigration checkpoint in Arizona, a suspected human smuggler made an unsuccessful attempt to flee from the scene on horseback. The incident happened on Saturday as agents discovered seven migrants hidden in a compartment covered by bails of hay in the trailer being pulled by the alleged smuggler.

Border Patrol agents seize a horse used by a suspected human smuggler to attempt to escape. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

Construction to Begin on Border Barrier in Arizona

Construction is scheduled to begin next week to close gaps in border barriers near the Yuma Morelos Dam Project. It appears the improvements will tie into shipping container barriers put in place by the State of Arizona.

The sun sets behind a gap along the border wall at the Morelos Dam between the US and Mexico in Yuma, Arizona on May 31, 2022. - The stream of impoverished humans flowing into the United States via Mexico runs through the country's public discourse, dividing its politics and coloring …

EXCLUSIVE: 72K Migrant Got-Aways in December, 212K in Last Three Months

U.S. Border Patrol officials estimate 72,000 migrants got away without being apprehended after they illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection. This adds to the 140,000 estimated got-aways during the first two months of the new fiscal year bringing the total to approximately 212,000.

A Yuma Sector Border Patrol agent chases a group of migrant in an unsecured section of the Arizona border. (File Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Jerry Glaser)

EXCLUSIVE: 220K Migrants Apprehended in December Along SW Border

U.S. Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 220,000 migrants who crossed the southwest border in December. The number of apprehended migrants sets a record for December and is the second-largest month since the Clinton administration. This brings the total apprehensions for the first quarter of FY23 to more than 631,000.

Eagle Pass Station agents apprehend a single group of more than 700 migrants. (U.S. Border Patrol/Del Rio Sector)

320 Migrants Apprehended in 5 Groups at Border in Arizona

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents apprehended more than 320 migrants along the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona in three separate groups. The apprehensions of these migrants from 17 different nations came as President Joe Biden prepared to visit Arizona but skip the border region.

Ajo Station Border Patrol agents apprehend 321 migrants in five groups over the past weekend. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)

120 Migrants Apprehended at Arizona Border Crossing

Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents encountered two groups of migrants along the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona, after they crossed the border from Mexico. Elsewhere in the sector, agents interdicted two other human smuggling incidents. Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent

Tucson Sector agents find 122 migrants along the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona. (U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector)