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CNN Expert Quick to Blame Boston Bombings on "Right-Wingers"

In response to Fat, Drunk, & Matthews Is No Way To Go Through Life, Son:

At some point it would be nice to have his retraction on his last Right Wing Conspiracy Smear, before he belies up to the bar to fill his snout with a double-shot of the next one.

Fat chance that is going to happen Ace. But what about that fool over at CNN who immediately suspected "Right-Wing Extremists" as being responsible for this cowardly act in Boston? 

While no one carrying a concealed weapon could have done anything to prevent the attack in  Boston, it sure makes a person  feel a lot safer packing a .40 caliber Springfield XD with a 16 round magazine, discreetly tucked away in the small of their back. 

I purchased a new toy today with a magazine capacity of 16 rounds, 


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