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George Will Dissects the 'Four Basic Rhetorical Tropes' of Obama’s Affordable Care Act Remarks

On Thursday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist George Will reacted remarks from President Barack Obama earlier in the day, in which he touted ObamaCare before the White House press corps.

“On one thing, the president is quite right: The Democrats you ought to say the Affordable Care Act is what we are,” Will said. “Continent-wide imposed from Washington top-down reform that involves a tapestry of taxes, mandates and other coercions. Aside from that, his performance today had the four basic Obama rhetorical tropes. First you attack a straw man. Republicans said no one would sign up. Of course no Republican ever said any such thing. Then you declare the debate over. The debate on climate change is over, the debate on universal preschool is over, everyone be quiet. Gay marriage, everyone be quiet. Now this debate is supposedly over.”

“Then he says it’s working,” he continued. “It’s hard to know what that means because the ethanol program which subtracts from the public good in a variety of ways is working in the sense it's being implemented in the law. Sugar import quotas, the same thing, it’s working but is not good for everybody. And finally, there’s his standard there can be no honorable and intelligent disagreement with me. States that have not expanded Medicaid are doing it out of spite because of him, because he says it will not cost them a dime. It won't cost them a dime for three years. After that it will cost them a mountain of dimes. So it’s a basic tour de force of Obama rhetoric.”

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Apr 17, 2014 9:48 PM PT

Gutfeld Praises 'Genius' Krugman for Taking $25K-Month Gig to Highlight Income Inequality

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” co-panelist Greg Gutfeld, author of “Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You,” used his monologue segment to the hypocrisy in taking a $25,000 a month payout to point out income inequality at the City University of New York, which is a salary eight times what other professors make at the same institution.

“Today the award goes to New York Times blogger and Obama’s favorite economist Paul Krugman, who just got hired by the City University of New York to drop by once in a while,” Gutfeld said. “Apparently the school is going to pay the Krugster 25 grand a month to play a modest role at events dealing with inequality. Let’s recap – Krugs will yack about inequality for 25Gs a month. This is genius for is there no better way to point out the absurd extremes of inequality than getting paid eight times what other professors get? And no teaching. This is pure performance art -- a stroke of masterful self-perpetuating employment. It’s like a fireman get paid for arson, a doctor spreading the flu so he can treat it. He creates the problem and arrives on the scene to provide the solution. He’s like alcohol.

“One question though: Will he rage against his own contribution to inequality?” he continued. “A thing that he roundly condemn condemns? And what are the professors getting by on 36 Gs a year, not a month -- will they complain or keep on reading Chomsky, caressing their love patches, eating day-old tofu in torn underpants? Fact is, Krug wins. He knows the only way you can get away with being rich is if you parrot lefty assumptions about the evil rich. Call them evil excuses your own. It’s a great gig and Krugman is king. Knowing there's a sucker born every minute, he just scored the biggest lollipop ever.”

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Apr 17, 2014 8:27 PM PT

Harry Reid: Bundy Family, Supporters Are Nothing but Domestic Terrorists

At the so-called "Hashtags & Headlines" event sponsored by the Las Vegas Review-Journal in Las Vegas on Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ramped up the rhetoric and referred to rancher Cliven Bundy, his family and his supporters "domestic terrorists."

“Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists,” Reid said. “[I] repeat: What went on up there was domestic terrorism.”

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Apr 17, 2014 7:16 PM PT

Coulter Reiterates 'Romney 2016,' Hits 'Conservative Media' for Not Attacking More on His Behalf in 2012

On Sean Hannity’s Thursday radio show, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of "Never Trust a Liberal Over 3-Especially a Republican,” doubled down on her call for another presidential run in 2016 by former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA).

But when pressed by Simone, who noted Romney's shortcomings in his 2012 bid, Coulter said Romney wasn't completely to blame and suggested the conservative media could have done more for the 2012 Republican presidential nominee.

“I think too much blame, not only in this case, but in many cases and this is an important point, is put on the candidates for not being the attack dogs,” Coulter said. “That is the job of people in the media, the conservative media, because the candidate himself – the Democrats don’t have to worry about this because they have the entire mainstream media being their opposition research and attack dogs and defenders. And so the candidate, like Obama, can just look charming and laugh things up and he comes out and says, ‘Oh, I think it’s terrible they’re attacking Sarah Palin’s family.’”

“Yeah, well he can say what he wants too,” she added. “That’s what the media, the non-Fox media and non-talk radio media is going to be doing. That’s our job to be the attack dog so the candidate can stay above the fray and remain appealing to independents and soccer moms and generally my gender and so on and so forth. We deserve stupid voters, too.”

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Apr 17, 2014 7:05 PM PT

Krauthammer Slams President for ObamaCare Remarks: Makes Stuff Up with 'Brazenness'

On Thursday's "Special Report" on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer criticized President Barack Obama for his comments earlier depicting ObamaCare as an overall success.

Partial transcript as follows:

KRAUTHAMMER: Well, everybody is getting a worse deal. If the providers are, that means the doctors aren't getting their usual payments, which means they have to see much more patients which means they spend less time which means the care is inferior. That means hospitals are reimbursed at a lower rate, which means some of them will go out of business. Or they're going to have to consolidate so there will be less choices, and thus the consumer in the end is the one who gets hurt because the only way that insurers can keep the costs down on premiums is to restrict the choices and to restrict the network, which is exactly what they are doing.

BRET BAIER, Host of Fox News Channel's "Special Report": So when you hear the president this thing is working --

KRAUTHAMMER: Look, it's working in that it exists. It breathes. But if it's hurting the doctor, it's hurting the hospital, it's hurting the patient, it's hurting the economy, it's going to cost a fortune. I love the way the president says health care costs are reduced, as if there is any relationship between a reduction which occurred during a recession and a health care implementation which occurs today. So it couldn't possibly have retroactively affected last year's numbers. I mean, he makes this stuff up with the brazenness that is almost admirable.

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Apr 17, 2014 5:24 PM PT

Black Female Gubernatorial Candidate Claims Being Shut Out by Arkansas Democratic Party

In an interview with Little Rock, AR NBC affiliate KARK, Democratic Arkansas gubernatorial hopeful Dr. Lynette Bryant cried foul about her state’s party apparatus shutting her out of the process.

“They’re using Democratic money to push other candidates at the same, and my competitor,” she said. “They’re sending out email blasts like, ‘We have great candidates,’ but they do not put my name on it.”

Bryant has filed a complaint against the Arkansas Democratic Party of Arkansas and the Saline County, AR Democratic Party for what she called “unfair treatment” against her candidacy, including being locked out of the upcoming Saline County Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

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Apr 17, 2014 9:29 AM PT

ObamaCare Forces Alabama County to Drop Health Coverage for Widows

On Wednesday, Huntsville, AL CBS affiliate WHNT reported Madison Co., AL was forced to drop health care coverage for more than two dozen widows of former county employees due to the Affordable Care Act. And according to local lawmakers in the report, it isn't clear if that coverage could be restored.

(h/t RNC Research)

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Apr 17, 2014 7:17 AM PT

Mark Levin: Democrats Want 'Racial Strife' for Electoral Purposes

On his Wednesday radio show, conservative talk show host Mark Levin accused the Obama administration and other Democrats of having ulterior political motives in the opposition of voter identification laws.

“This really is infuriating – the effort to tear down this country,” Levin said. “It is obvious to me that the Democrat Party wants racial strife in this country. That’s right I said it. The Democrat Party wants racial strife in this country because it serves their electoral purposes the way it did in the 1860s, the way it did in the 1890s, the way it did in the 1950s and 60s and the way it does today.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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Apr 16, 2014 10:52 PM PT

O'Reilly Calls for Photos on Social Security Cards to Be Used as Voter ID

On his Tuesday broadcast, Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" host Bill O'Reilly made the case for photos to be included on individuals Social Security cards, which would be used as voter identification.

Transcript as follows:
Voter suppression -- that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo". The grievance industry believes that requiring IDs to vote is a right wing plot to deny some Americans their voting rights. It's called voter suppression. I've been hearing about it for years. 33 states currently have voting ID laws with more states considering it. That's because of voter fraud and the fact that there are about 12 million illegal aliens in the USA who could vote without proper identification in place.

The left denies any voter fraud, which is absurd. Just this month North Carolina launched a huge investigation into alleged voter fraud, one of the accusations that some folks voted in two states. Also at least 81 North Carolinians voted in 2013, after they died. But the truth is, most precincts do have control over the voting process. However, there is no downside to having one system for the whole country. Enter former U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young and former President Bill Clinton. They propose that all Social Security cards have a photo ID attached to them and that would serve as a voter ID.

This makes sense because all Americans are required to have the Social Security card and you get one through the mail. You don't have to show up anywhere. Also, it's free. It takes two weeks for delivery. The voter IDs would make fraud more difficult, everybody knows that. But, still, the far left objects.


WEISER: The particular proposal having to do with Social Security cards, I'm afraid, is not one that is workable. And there are real sensitive privacy and security issues around Social Security cards that make that a little bit troubling as a source of a photo ID.


O'REILLY: Again, ridiculous. Privacy issues? What privacy issues? Everybody has a Social Security card. You put a picture on it that violates your privacy? Does a driver's license violate your privacy? I guess so, lady. Again, this is a ruse. Because the grievance industry wants people to think the Republican Party suppressing vote and if you take that issue away. They have one less thing to whine about. Andrew Young and Bill Clinton are doing the country a service they thought about it, they are Democrats and Mr. Young deeply involved with civil rights. So come on, enough is enough. There comes a point when craziness has to be rejected. Let's get the pictures on the Social Security card, stop the nonsense and be a responsible country.

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Apr 16, 2014 8:19 AM PT

'Morning Joe' Mocks Obama Administration for Changes to ObamaCare Census Questions

On Wednesday's "Morning Joe" on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough and his co-panelists called out the Obama administration for changing U.S. Census Bureau questions pertaining to health care to better suit it politically.

“Listen, the White Houses on both sides do their best to cook the books,” Scarborough said. “I think this is a particularly clumsy effort.”

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Apr 16, 2014 7:15 AM PT

George Will: Americans 'Should Feel Ashamed of Themselves for the Decadence of Our Democracy'

On Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, Washington Post columnist George Will reflected on Tax Day 2014 and about the American attitude toward taxation. Will gave a scathing critique of the American people for their need fuel “consumption.”

“Well, first of all the interest payments are abnormally low,” Will said. “When as surely it must the cost of government borrowing goes back to the post war norm of 5.5 percent as essentially zero interest rates now. That will double and quintuple. The biggest addition to the debt will be the debt itself that is the interest rates. But I don't think this is a day for the American people to feel sorry for themselves. They should feel ashamed of themselves for the decadence of our democracy. We used to borrow money for the future. We fought wars for the future. We built dams, highways for the future. Now we are borrowing from the future from the unconsenting because unborn future generations in order to fund our own current consumption of goods and services. The American people are paying a lot of taxes but they are not paying nearly enough taxes to fund their appetite for goods and services.”

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Apr 15, 2014 10:54 PM PT

Watch: What Would 'President Krauthammer' Do on Ukraine?

On Tuesday’s “Special Report” on the Fox News Channel, host Bret Baier asked Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer how he might handle the United States’ response to Russia were he commander-in-chief.

“The answer is what is so obvious -- you immediately fly in major supplies of light weaponry and defensive weaponry, anti-tank, anti-aircraft, so you begin to arm the Ukrainians, so when Putin make a calculation, he understands there will never be any NATO troops in Ukraine to oppose him,” Krauthammer said. “But now he has to think that there is this unrest and there is some resistance in the east. It will be armed resistance. That is so obvious. It is almost unspeakably obvious. And the second is to reassure the neighbors, you don't do it with a trip here and there by a Biden or a secretary of defense. What you do is you forward deploy NATO troops into places like the Baltics or into Poland. We had an understanding at the end of the Cold War we wouldn't do that because that would provoke the Russians. The response is to say you broke the understanding of the end of the Cold War, and now we're going to have NATO troops on your frontier. That’s a way to send a message that means something and is not just hot air.”

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Apr 15, 2014 5:32 PM PT

Hume: Obama Given Benefit of the Doubt Because of His Race

On Monday's "The O'Reilly Factor," Fox News Channel senior political analyst Brit Hume responded to some of the racial angles being played up by the Obama administration and the public's reaction to them.

"[L]et me just put it this way," Hume said. "I think that given the aspirations in this country of the overwhelming majority of Americans that the African-Americans should rise in our society, become a fuller part of our society and be treated equally enhanced his prospects in that here was a man that first of all he liked, he was an appealing person who seemed to be non-divisive, not a race hustler in any way and they were proud of him, proud to see him elected and, therefore, he has gotten, I think, perhaps more than he would were he a white man, the benefit of the doubt from a great many people."

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Apr 15, 2014 7:03 AM PT


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