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Obama: as nasty as he wants to be

In response to As Obama Falters, the More Hypocritical, Ugly and Divisive He Gets:

I'm still waiting for the nation's chief civic decency officer, Senator John McCain, to call out Barack Obama for his increasingly ugly rhetoric.  McCain blew a gasket because Ted Cruz drew a parallel between those who don't want to fight ObamaCare, and those who didn't want to fight the Axis, which somehow became an insult to those who did want to fight the Axis in McCain's fevered rhetoric.

But Obama and his crew get to compare Republicans to kidnappers, terrorists, and slave-owners, and evidently it's all jake with John McCain.  Not a peep out of him.  Or anyone in the media, which had no sooner finished sneering at Cruz for his filibuster than it began swooning over filibuster fashion plate Wendy Davis and her pointless run for governor of Texas. 

Think anyone in the Democrat Party is going to castigate Davis for wasting time and energy on a lost cause?  Of course not, just as the Democrats were a thousand times smarter than the Republican boobs jockeying for the title of Associate Junior Cub Democrat by attacking Cruz in a manner guaranteed to alienate his large and growing contingent of supporters.  

It's awfully convenient for Democrats to have rules of engagement that let them be as bitter, partisan, divisive, and stubborn as they want to be.  Wendy Davis and her crew can literally shout down a legislature in service of a position with less than 40 percent popular support, after demonstrating shocking ignorance of the legislation she opposed, and still be hailed as dashboard saints of principled courage.  Ted Cruz, who understands ObamaCare better than a single blessed soul among the liars, thieves, and con artists who wrote it, is a threat to the Republic who must be burned at the stake by weak-kneed GOP elders to appease the Angry Liberal Gods.  Barack Obama routinely questions the very humanity of the people who disagree with him - one of his favorite little talking points is musing aloud that critics of ObamaCare enjoy depriving people of health care.  But don't you dare say a word about Democrats' unseemly enthusiasm for terminating young lives in the womb - that would be ugly and divisive.


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