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Fashionable enemies

In response to I Wonder If It Isn't Just Mostly Fashion:

That's an excellent analogy - Obama as the high-fashion mogul declaring what is "in" or "out," and his followers accepting it with the devoted thoughtlessness of Big Brother's constituents declaring their enduring hatred of Eurasia or Eastasia, whichever happens to be out of favor at the moment.

Another clue to the fashionable nature of these loyalties is that Obama partisans don't seem terribly clear about what all this super-surveillance was supposed to be protecting us from.  They can become very upset during frank discussions of the specific threats America faces, as demonstrated by David Sirota's deranged gibbering about how it would have been great for the Boston Bomber to be some white Christian guy.  It is essentially a matter of official policy to conjure a great amorphous non-specific Threat that Obama must protect us from.  His followers are quite certain the Threat includes people who oppose Obama's policies, most of whom are violence-prone racists, but they are untroubled by the lack of physical evidence for this elusive menace.  They require no other details about the Threat to know that whatever Obama decides to do about it is wise and honorable.  

Also, note that even though Obama has now embraced the policies of the hellish Bush Terror (and then some), his followers require no formal admission from the great leader that his previous castigation of those policies was wrong.  Indeed, if he ever made such an admission, he might win a bit of grudging respect from the people who have always been serious about the struggle against terrorism, but he'd lose most of his followers immediately.  Admitting past error would disrupt their enchantment with him; the Kos Kidz would go berserk, even if Obama didn't change any of his policies or positions a bit.  It's not a matter of intellectual fashion any more when concessions are made to the unfashionable.

If Obama declared his intention to invade Iraq and seize its oil, a large number of the old Mother Sheehan groupies would hail his leadership and declare it's just the economic stimulus we need.


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