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SPLC's "Hate" Map Doesn't List FRC Shooter

From Mollie at Patheos, a comprehensive and important summary of the media's claim that Sarah Palin was responsible for Lougher, compared to their dead silence on Floyd Corkins literally picking his assassination-targets off SPLC's Hate Map.

What the media alleged happened in Loughner's case -- but did not -- actually did happen in Corkin's case. A man got deranged reading ginned-up political rhetoric from an extremely partisan source.

But, of course, the media are not reporters; they are the less-accomplished and less-intelligent adjuncts of the DNC, so naturally they wouldn't mention this.

She checked the blogs who were the most hate-fueled in attempting to link Loughner to Palin -- the stunted troll Krugman, the spasmodic toady Sullivan -- and of course finds them quiet as churchmice on Corkins and the SPLC.

The strongest proof of bias is their silence -- if the right had even a foothold in the media world, they would feel compelled to explain why one rule should attach to their political opponents and the opposite to their political allies.

 But the right does not have a foothold in the media, and they therefore can simply say nothing at all and pretend they never even heard of the Corkins matter.

 In fact, the media is so hegemonically leftist it's quite possible they haven't heard of the Corkins matter. It's quite possible they live all their lives inside the warm soft cocoon of carefully-crafted leftist bias.  The  first audience for their cocoon is themselves.

[M]aybe a reporter could ask the Southern Poverty Law Center why they have a “Hate Incident” list that doesn’t include FRC shooting.

But something tells me that the media won’t press them on this and they won’t have to explain themselves to anyone. So interesting how that works.

She says "interesting" in an ironic way, of course. But I'd like to explicitly say that dishonesty and a determinedly venal anti-intellectualism aren't interesting at all.  Their lies aren't even clever. 

They're very boring, and evidence of dead (or dying) minds. Such is the media. Such are those who would rule us.


Corrected: dheinecc let me know I got the attribution wrong -- the writer is Mollie, not Elizabeth Scalia. Thanks, dheinecc.


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