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The Gun Discussion Seems to Involve a Battle Over a Cultural Preference...

On one hand, one cultural cohort prefers more citizens being armed, as a deterrent to the comparatively-small number of armed criminals and psychopaths.

On the other hand, one cultural cohort would prefer to deal with gun violence by simply forbidding citizens from having guns.  For example, this genius -- another Colorado lawmaker, not the one we just heard about -- recommends that women who fear rape employ "the Buddy System" and/or "Judo."

So this seems to be a case where one group favors one solution, and another group favors the complete opposite solution.

And there seems no possible political solution to bridge this chasm. So: Whose solution do we choose?

If only we had some kind of neutral, mutually-agreed-to rules-setting document which could provide us some input in this intractable dispute.


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