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On Day of Recording, Progress KY Video Promised Group was Ready for a Fight

Progress Kentucky, the group which allegedly made a recording of a private meeting at Senator McConnell's campaign office, posted video of a kick off rally which took place the same day, promising they were "ready" for a fight.

On February 2nd, Sen. McConnell held an invitation only gathering to open his campaign headquarters in Louisville. A reporter from a local news and weather channel was on hand and filmed Sen. McConnell's opening remarks. That video was published early in the afternoon along with two other clips shot at the event.

Later the same day, Progress KY reworked the clip and uploaded it to their own You Tube account. Their version takes credit for the list of political attacks McConnell had mentioned in his remarks. And at the end of his remarks McConnell says "If they want a fight, we're ready." The clip cuts to a title screen that reads "We're ready too!"

This video was cut and uploaded the same day the founders of Progress Kentucky allegedly recorded part of a private meeting held in the same office after the kickoff event ended.


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